ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC is an old but terrible BSOD problem of windows. Windows 7, 8 or 10 users can be its victim. This blue screen of death is also known as STOP 0x100000B8 error. Sometimes a simple restart may fix it.


There are several reasons. Some of these are –

  • Infected by Virus or Malware.
  • Important system files have been corrupted.
  • Faulty driver or a driver which conflicting with another.
  • Out dated or incompatible software.


If you have a desktop and don’t have UPS, Sudden load shedding can cause this error. When your PC shutdowns incorrectly, It may lose its normal settings or important data. Or its data may become corrupted. Virus or malware also can cause this Attempted Switch from DPC. Again, Old or incompatible software can affect your PC. Anyway, You should know the best ways to repair BSOD.

How to Fix Attempted Switch from DPC:

You can solve this blue screen problem by following the methods below –

Method 1: Last Known Good Configuration

For windows 10 & 8 it won’t work. If you are running in windows 7 or earlier version of windows, You can follow this method. To do it-

  • Restart Computer and Continuously press F8.
  • It will open advanced boot menu in black screen.
  • Choose Last known good configuration by arrow keys or keyboard and press Enter.
  • It will restart your PC. After doing it, You may not encounter that windows bsod again.

Method 2: Update Everything

It will work for all windows versions. Update your PC including drivers & software to latest version. If any outdated or corrupted software or driver was the culprit, It will fix the problem. I found many users who could fix ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC by updating their PC.

Method 3: Virus & Registry Scan

Scan your PC with latest trusted antivirus and heal viruses & malwares. Now, Use Ccleaner to scan corrupted registries and fix them.

Method 4: System Restore to Fix Attempted Switch from DPC

All of the methods mentioned above have 30% possibility to fix ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC. But a system restore can fix any windows problem and it has good possibility. So, You can do a system restore to previous restore point when your PC was running well. Read: Do System Restore in Windows

Method 5: Re-Install or Reset Windows

This is the final solution to fix any blue screen of death. You can reinstall your PC. But if you are running windows 8, 8.1 or windows 10, You can do system reset. Read: Reset and Refresh Windows

So, These are the most working methods to fix ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC errors which is known as STOP 0x100000B8 too. If you know any thing awesome to fix this terrible windows error, You can share with us.

You also can visit Microsoft Answer to know more solutions.


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