How to Fix BAD POOL CALLER on Windows 10

How to Fix BAD POOL CALLER on Windows 10

October 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Maybe, You already have encountered blue screen of death error on Windows 10 or 8. BSOD isn’t like others errors. It is different and is enough to hate windows. However, In this article, You will learn some methods to fix bad pool caller error.

    Like other similar problems, it appears suddenly with the error name “BAD_POOL_CALLER” and restarts your PC. Sometimes, You may see additional error codes like 0x000000C20xC2 etc. This BSOD may restrict you to access your PC. It appears in both Windows 10 and 8 operating systems. Following a few steps may help you to fix this error. But before that, you should know few more information about it.

    BAD POOL CALLER Screenshot

    What Causes BAD_POOL_CALLER:

    Don’t you want to know the reasons behind this problem? There are a few things that cause this problem. Like other blue screen error, it may appear due to driver or hardware issues. Third-party programs, services, and corrupted system files also can create this problem.


    There are some common symptoms of all blue screen problems of windows. BAD_POOL_CALLER also comes with these symptoms. These are –

    • Your browser, MS Office or any active programs may freeze and crash suddenly. Then the blue screen will appear with the error name Bad Pool Caller.
    • Your keyboard and mouse response time may increase unnaturally.
    • When you connect an external device like USB storage drives or printers, this BSOD may appear.
    • PC may show you the error just after startup or after opening any specific programs.

    These are the typical things you may experience with this BSOD.

    How to Fix BAD POOL CALLER Blue Screen of Death

    Fortunately, You can get rid of this error. But, You will need to go through some troubleshooting steps. Sometimes, Windows update fixes this type of problems. So, Before trying my methods, I suggest you update windows. However, To repair bad pool caller, follow these ways.

    1. Uninstall Recent Programs and Fixing Registries:

    Most of the time, Users face this problem right after installing a new program. So, In that case, My suggestion is to uninstall the most recent applications. If you can’t access windows, You can do it in Safe Mode. After that, you should fix the registries. But be careful. Don’t use unknown registry fixers. Personally, I recommend CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare.

    Note: You can perform clean boot to identify which service or program is causing the actual problem.

    2. Update Drivers:

    You know that this problem may arise in the old computer more. It is because of the incompatibility issues. Your drivers may be older and not compatible with the current OS. So, Find the latest drivers and install it. However, You can update them manually. Let’s see how to do it –

    • Press Windows Logo + R from the keyboard to open RUN.
    • Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
    • You will have the full lists of drivers. Just right-click on any of them and choose Update Driver Software.
    • Then follow the instructions.

    By the way, Read this article to know in details how you can update drivers more conveniently.

    3. Disable Security Programs:

    Turn off your antivirus and third-party firewall. Then restart your computer. If you see BAD_POOL_CALLER is not coming anymore, Uninstall that program. There is proof that some antivirus may create the blue screen of death in windows PC.

    4. Run chkdsk:

    The primary purpose of this command is to repair hard disk problem. Some peoples found running chkdsk command is helpful to fix bad pool caller. So you also can do it. Here are the instructions –

    • At first, Open the start menu, type cmd and right click on the command prompt and then choose Run as administrator.
    • Now, Type chkdsk /f on command prompt and hit Enter.
    • Now, Press and hit enter. It will restart Windows automatically. It will also find and fix your hard disk problems.

    As a result, you may get rid of bad pool caller blue screen of death.

    5. Check for Memory Problems:

    If your PC goes through memory problem, BSOD errors like bad pool caller may appear. So, I suggest you run windows memory diagnostic tool and fix RAM problems. It will help to get rid of the blue screen error.

    6. Update BIOS:

    Sometimes, UEFI or BIOS update can give you relief from the blue screen of death. To update BIOS, I recommend you to read instructions from the motherboard manufacturer’s website. However, You also can read this article “How to Update BIOS.”

    I hope upgrading/updating BIOS will fix bad pool caller error.

    7. Repair Damaged System Files:

    For virus infection or anything else, Your windows system files may become corrupted. In that case, I must suggest you repair it anyhow. Running system file checker and DISM command can help you to do it. Previously, I wrote an article about it. Read: How to Repair Damaged System Files.

    After repairing, you will no longer face this blue screen of death.

    8. Run Driver Verifier (Optional):

    If you encounter bad pool caller occasionally, this method may be perfect for you. Probably, An unsigned or incompatible driver is causing this problem. In this case, You can run driver verifier to identify the problematic driver. Then, Uninstall or re-install that driver with the official installation file. It will fix the bad pool caller error.

    9. Analyze Dump File

    If you still encounter this problem, you can configure your PC to create minidump file. Then, Analyze the dump file to fix this BSOD. Read this article to know more details.

    10. Replace or Fix Hardware Issue

    After trying all of the methods you have found online, you may still encounter this problem. To fix bad pool caller, what else you could do? Maybe, You are experiencing this blue screen error for faulty hardware on your PC. Perhaps, It is RAM stick or your motherboard. Unfortunately, Finding out the hardware problem is a bit technical and you may need assistance from an expert. In method 5, I’ve given instructions how to check for RAM problems. You also can use any third-party tool to scan RAM problem.

    By the way, These are the standard solutions to fix BAD POOL CALLER error. But if you know any other suitable methods, You can share with us.