How to Fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER on Windows 10

How to Fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER on Windows 10

August 11, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Old windows users may face a different blue screen problem called BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. Some windows 8 users also encounter it during boot up. If you have a PC running windows 10, You can’t be safe. Because, It may appear anytime on any versions of Windows. So, Everyone should know some basic methods to fix it. Now, I’ll discuss about BUGCODE USB DRIVER in details.

    Reasons Behind BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER:

    Normally BSOD errors are caused by software, hardware or registry problems. This USB driver BSOD is also same. It can be caused by following things.

    • Problematic drivers.
    • Misconfigured hardware.
    • Virus & Malware.
    • Registry problems.
    • Problematic system files.
    • Third-party software.

    Symptoms of BUGCODE USB DRIVER:

    Your PC performance remain normal. But you experience trouble when you try to resume from sleep state. You may see that your PC is stuck on a stage and shows you Bugcode USB Driver blue screen of death.  Again, You may face this BSOD after connecting any USB device like pendrive with your PC. You can see the following error codes:

    STOP: 0x000000FE (0X00000005, 0x827860E0, 0x80867112, 0x82B2EF70)


    Like other BSOD, You can fix it by following some common methods. I’ll try to give the best working methods to repair it.

    Upgrade to Latest Service Pack:

    Microsoft upgrades features and fixes many known bugs in latest service pack of windows. So, I must recommend to upgrade your windows to latest service pack. If you are running service pack 1, Try to upgrade it to service pack 2 or latest one. It may help you to get rid of some BSODs.

    Update Windows & Drivers:

    It is always recommended to update your windows and drivers. It helps you to avoid BSOD like bugcode USB driver errors. In windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP, You can update from Control panel. If you are windows 10 user, You have to open Start menu. Then go to Settings > Update & Security.

    If you want to update your drivers, Follow the instructions –

    • Open Run by pressing Windows Logo Key + R from keyboard.
    • Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. It will open Device Manager.
    • Now you will see all your drivers list. Right click on any of the list and Select Update driver software.
    • Now follow the next instructions.

    Adjust Power Settings

    Sometimes adjusting settings from your USB drive power management is helpful. To do it-

    • Open Device Manager as mentioned in previous method.
    • Now Expend USB Serial Bus Controller.
    • Double click on USB Root Hub.

    USB Serial Bus Controller expend HD

    • Click on Power Management tab.
    • Now uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    USB root hub power management

    • Click OK.
    • Do it for all USB Root Hub.
    • Now restart your PC.
    • See you aren’t facing error BUGCODE USB DRIVER anymore.

    Run Virus Scan:

    Sometimes, You may face BSOD for virus problem. So, You can use a good antivirus software to scan your PC. It may help you a lot.

    Run Registry Scan & Fix:

    Corrupted registries can also create any BSOD. You can use third-party registry fixer to fix your registries. CCleaner is a well known program that can do this job.

    Run Clean Boot:

    Sometimes, Your PC may experience blue screen problems like BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER for third-party services or programs. In that case, You can run clean boot. If you see, Your PC is performing well without trouble in clean boot state, There must be any issue with any of your third-party programs or services. In that case, You can uninstall recently installed programs. You also can disable your antivirus and see what happens. If you find any of these is culprit, Uninstall that.

    Check Memory:

    Another method is checking memory problems. Because this problem can be a culprit of blue screen of death. You can read how to check memory problems from here:

    If you find any problems, You have to solve it by your self. For instructions, You can search on google. I’ll try to write an article on it.

    Repair Corrupted System Files to fix BUGCODE USB DRIVER:

    If all of the methods fail to fix, You can repair corrupted system files. It will also repair BSOD errors if that was caused by any problematic system files.

    Hope, These instructions will help you to fix BUGCODE USB DRIVER. As last method you can try to reset or reinstall your Windows. You also can perform system restore.