Common Bugs of Samsung Galaxy S7 – How You Can Fix Them

Common Bugs of Samsung Galaxy S7 – How You Can Fix Them

September 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is out, and let me just tell you: It’s one of the coolest phones of 2016. With the infusion of the best specs from its predecessors and a few new features, it’s surely one to impress all smart phone users. Fast performance, waterproof, sleek design, and a lot more, it’s all you want in a phone rolled into one.

    But of course, technology is never perfect and always changing. The S7 isn’t an exception to imperfections and bugs, to the disappointment of many. While there are some complaints, what doesn’t have its own flaws? After testing the Samsung S7 myself and reading reviews, I noticed that it did have some technical problems. But before you start feeling discouraged, don’t fret! These problems have solutions that are quick and doable by any smart phone user.

    Fix Common Bugs of Samsung Galaxy S7:

    So after a quick research and doing some of these things myself, here are the problems to be aware of with the Samsung S7 and how to fix them:

    Problem 1: The Wifi can’t connect or always disconnects

    If you’re having trouble with connecting to the wifi, here are some things you can try to fix this bug:

    • Turn your Bluetooth off as the connection may be interfering. This usually solves the problem if it keeps disconnecting by itself.
    • Reboot or restart your phone.
    • Forget your wifi network and reconnect it again.
    • If you are using a MAC Address filter on your wifi router, switch it off or add your Samsung S7’s MAC address to your wifi’s list.
    • In case it keeps disconnecting, make sure that the option “Keep Wifi On During Sleep” is ticked to always.
    • Reset Network settings to see if that does the trick.

    Problem 2: Camera failed

    If you can’t take photos with your camera as a “Camera Failed” window always appears, then you aren’t alone. Many users have complained about this problem, too. Here’s what you can do:

    • You can update your software as it just may be a glitch.
    • Turn off your Smart Stay feature and check if it works.
    • Force stop your camera if it’s running on the background.
    • Restart your phone as it may just be a temporary issue.

    Problem 3: Slow to wake up

    Like what I said, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has great performance, with everything running smoothly and quickly. But if it takes long to wake it up, here’s what you can do:

    • It may be your micro SD. Unmount it and restart your phone. If it works fine, then you might want to replace your micro SD card or format it (Remember to back up your files!).
    • Restart your phone, as it may just be a temporary issue.

    Problem 4: Overheating

    With great power comes overheating. If you use your phone and it starts to heat up quickly, it can get annoying and worrying. It’s a problem for all smart phones, really. But if it overheats even with slightest to no use at all, here’s what you can do:

    • Turn off fast cable charging.
    • Make sure your phone is updated to the latest firmware.
    • If problem still persists, it’s best to have it checked or have it replaced, as it may be a problem with the hardware itself.

    Problem 5: Battery drains quickly

    Compared to its sibling models, the Samsung S7 has one of the best battery lives. But there have been complaints where the S7’s battery drains quickly, even with not much use! Here’s what you can do:

    • The first thing to do is assess your usage of the phone. Are you using it too much, downloading certain apps? If that’s not the case, troubleshoot your phone. Check for latest firmware and make sure it’s all up to date.
    • Third party apps can be the culprit. Have it uninstalled and check for performance. Check for apps that use the most battery or performance of the phone and uninstall it. If not, have it updated.
    • Turn on Power Saving option in settings.
    • Reduce data usage in settings.

    Problem 6: Power and volume buttons not working

    Sometimes these buttons become unresponsive and it may not be a physical problem. Here’s what you can do:

    • Restart your phone.
    • Make sure the firmware is updated.

    These are just problems that may or may not come to your Samsung S7. Chances are they won’t, but if the unfortunate does happen, at least you now know how to solve it with these quick fixes! It’s recommended to maintain your phone through proper care, so make sure you clean it (both physically and in hardware!) every once in a while, and do not abuse or overuse it. After all, everything has its limits! Even with these problems, you’ll still be able to enjoy the features a Samsung S7 has, so it’s best not to worry about such problems and just have fun with the unit. If any problem persists, you may check for more tips online, or have it checked from any phone technician or Samsung store.