How to Fix Can’t connect to App Store in iphone/ipad

How to Fix Can’t connect to App Store in iphone/ipad

August 26, 2018 By alberto

    Do you often face the frustrated for being unable to connect to App Store? This might seem challenging, but it is not even that tricky to Fix Can’t connect to App Store issue. It is quite of a simple technique, which you will allow you to regain the connection of App Store.

    There might be situations you face when you open your App Store from your IOS device, but instead of showing a screen filled with apps, it continues loading and loading, yet never loads. So, what to do in such cases rights?

    Fix Can’t connect to App Store in iOS:

    Sometimes it is caused due to slow internet connection or slow processing of the phone functions. App store requires a strong internet connection. Often a weak connection is the reason for the problem. In such cases of Fix Can’t connect to App Store; you can try the following things mentioned below to ensure the connection-

    • Check if the connection is available.
    • Turn off the wifi switch on your device and reconnect with the wifi. If you are using mobile data turn off your 3G/4G mobile data and reconnect.
    • If the above procedures don’t work, turn off the router and turn it on again to reconnect.
    • You can also restart your device by pressing the home button and the start button at the same time for 10 seconds, until the phone switches off and restarts.
    • After the phone restarts, try to enter the App Store again.
    • Try not to tap too many apps at the same time if the mentioned solutions work.
    • Download apps gradually, do not download too many apps at the same time. This can cause the App Store to hang again.

    If these above solutions still don’t work, don’t worry, there are a few more steps you can follow to Fix Can’t connect to App Store. The following steps are-

    • Go to your device Settings.
    • Press on the iTunes & App Store
    • As soon as you enter iTunes & App Store you will see your Apple ID at the top.
    • Click on your visible ID.
    • Afterwards few options will pop-up, one of the options will be sign out.
    • Press sign out.
    • After signing out, sign in again with your Apple ID and password.

    Important factors that will help to fix the problem-

    • You can also restart your device after these steps. You can restart your IOS device every time it hangs or functions slowly. All you have to do is press the start button and home button until the Device restarts itself.
    • For the best functioning device, do not save too many junk files.
    • Delete unnecessary stuff from your device.
    • Try to keep your IOS updated. An updated IOS is usually more advances which will support Fix Can’t connect to App Store in a better manner.Thank a lot for reading the article, hope the content is helpful enough to solve your problem regarding The App Store connection.