How to Fix Can’t Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10

How to Fix Can’t Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10

October 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Airplane mode is a feature that stops all wireless network activity of any devices. This is also known as flight mode. Like all other operating systems, Windows also have this feature. But, Some windows 10 users have complained a problem about this feature. Sometimes, They can’t turn off airplane mode in windows 10 for unknown reason. This article is about how to fix windows stuck at airplane mode problem easily.

    How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck at Airplane Mode

    Normally, Unable to turn off airplane mode problem appears more when users upgrade to a new version of windows. For example, Many peoples have encountered this problem after upgrading to windows 10 from windows 7 or 8. Normally, A simple restart resolves this airplane mode issue. But, It can become worse sometimes. It may completely stop you from doing anything wirelessly.

    Fix Can’t Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10:

    Before proceeding to follow my methods, You should restart your computer. Then, Try to disable airplane mode in windows. In many cases, It works surprisingly. If it doesn’t work, Follow these methods to troubleshoot can’t turn off airplane mode in windows 10.

    1. Try Physical Function Key:

    Every laptops comes with a special button on keyboard to enable or disable core functions. You may see that some laptops have Fn key in keyboard. In common function keys, There may be some icons included such as wireless, Monitor, volume etc. The function key with the wireless icon is the key to control wireless connectivity. Suppose, That key is F2. In that case, You can simply press Fn + F2 to turn on or off wireless functions of your laptop. Doing this sometimes fix can’t disable airplane mode problem. So, You should try it before trying other methods.

    2. Try Option Network Reset:

    Latest windows 10 includes a new option “Network Reset” in network and internet settings. According to many users, It worked for them. So, You can try it to fix can’t turn off airplane mode in windows. To do it, Simply do these things.

    • Press Win + I from keyboard to open settings.
    • Now, Go to Network & Internet > Status.
    • Scroll down, find and click on Network reset.
    • Now, Try to turn off airplane mode. I hope, It will work.

    3. Enable and Disable Wireless Adapter:

    When you face any airplane mode or wireless network related problem, You should try disable and re-enable wireless adapter of your computer. It can solve many common issues. Normally, You can do it easily. Here are instructions.

    You can disable wireless adapter from network connections window.

    • To open network connection window, Simply open RUN by press Win + R from keyboard.
    • Then, Type ncpa.cpl and click on OK.
    • From network connections window, Right click on the adapter and choose Disable. You also can disable all available adapters from there.
    • Then, You can restart your computer and go to network connections window.
    • From there, Right click on any adapter and choose Enable.

    You also can disable and enable network adapters from windows device manager. Here are the instructions.

    • Simply, Open Run like before, Type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.
    • From device manager, Expend Network Adapters.
    • Now, Right click on wireless driver and choose Disable.
    • Restart your computer and enable it. You can simply right click on wireless adapter and choose Enable like before.

    After doing following things, Try to check, If it fixes unable to turn off airplane mode problem in windows 10.

    4. Update Network Drivers:

    This is another big solution to “fix can’t turn off airplane mode in windows 10”. Normally, Outdated or incompatible drivers may cause this type of problems. That’s why, This problem is seen more after upgrading to windows 10 from an older version. The perfect solution is installing compatible driver or updating the existing one. It is very easy task. All of this can be done from device manager. Here are the full instructions.

    Normally, You can use Wi-Fi in airplane mode. Just turn on Wi-Fi. But, If you can’t turn it on, I would like to suggest you to connect internet through Ethernet cable. Because, This method requires internet connection.

    • First of all, Open Windows Device Manager like before. But, Make sure, You are connected to the internet.
    • Then, Right click on the network drivers and choose Update driver software.
    • Now, Choose Search automatically for updated driver software.
    • Then follow onscreen instructions.

    This should solve can’t turn off airplane mode problem. But, If you are unable to connect to the internet, You may be disappointed. Fortunately, You still have a way to update your network drivers. You can simply uninstall existing network drivers from device manager. Just right click on driver and choose uninstall. Now, You should restart your PC. Then, Download latest driver software by using another computer and copy them to a pendrive or any other external storage. Now, Install the latest driver to your computer from that external storage. I hope, It will fix can’t disable airplane mode in windows 10 issue.

    5. Modify Power Settings:

    Tweaking power management is another cool way to resolve windows stuck at airplane mode problem. Whenever you face this problem, You should change your power settings to high performance and see, If it helps. You can simply open RUN, type powercfg.cpl and press Enter. This will open Power Options. From there choose High Performance plan. If you don’t see it, Expend Show additional plans. This should let you turn off airplane mode without any problem. If it doesn’t help, You can a few more things. Here are they.

    • At first, Open Device Manager.
    • Now, Right click on Wi-Fi adapter and open Properties.
    • Then, Click on Power Management tab.
    • Now, Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    After doing it, Restart your PC. It may resolve can’t turn off flight mode in windows 10 problem.

    Still Stuck at Airplane Mode?

    Some users may still encounter this problem. This is because, Their problem is critical or any third-party programs or services are creating conflicts with airplane mode. But, Still you can fix windows stuck at airplane mode problem. These are some possible best solutions.

    • Try to disconnect all external USB devices and cables.
    • Disable antivirus or firewall.
    • Perform clean boot and try to turn off airplane mode. In case, Clean boot works great, You should find the third-party software that is causing problem and uninstall it.

    You also can try system restore. To find more solutions to fix windows 10 stuck at airplane mode, You can search on google or bing. If you fail, You can reset your windows.