How to Fix Google Chrome Blank Pages Problem

How to Fix Google Chrome Blank Pages Problem

September 18, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Chrome browser has some common problems that anyone may have to face anytime. White Screen / Blank Pages problem is one of them. Recently, Many users have reported about this issue. I’ve also encountered this white screen of death a few days ago. But, I was lucky. Because, I have resolved that issue. In this article, You will learn “how to fix google chrome blank page problem”.

    Normally, This problem may happen in two ways. First one: When you try to visit any web pages, It takes bandwidth and time to load. But, It shows you a blank page instead. But, The web address remains in address bar. Second One: When you type any web address and hit Go button or Enter, It may show you a blank page and the address bar becomes empty automatically. But, Adware or virus infection may cause another problem. It is “about:blank popup pages problem”. Some people call it as chrome white screen of death.

    Chrome blank page problems is mainly caused by third-party extensions specially the ad blockers. But, Corrupted cache, cookies or any bugs in google chrome also may create this problem. It is very easy to resolve this issue.

    Methods to Fix Google Chrome Blank Pages Problem:

    We will follow some pretty awesome ways to solve chrome white screen issue.

    1. Disable Ad Blocker and Other Extensions:

    Disabling ad blockers can help you to fix google chrome blank pages problem. Because, Most of the times, This type of extensions are responsible for this problem. If it doesn’t work, You can disable other extensions and see what happens.

    2. Check for Chrome Update:

    Probably, This blank pages issue is a known problem for the version of chrome you are using. So, You should check for latest update. Updating your browser may fix the problem.

    • To update chrome, Just go to Settings > About.
    • Alternatively, You can chrome://help/ in your address bar and hit enter.

    3. Clear Cache:

    This is a common solution for most browser related problems. Sometimes, Clearing cached files can fix google chrome blank pages problem.

    • Open Chrome browser.
    • Press CTRL + Shift + Del.

    4. Disable Hardware Acceleration:

    This is another thing you can try. Disabling hardware acceleration can fix chrome white pages problem, If you are lucky. Here are instructions.

    • First of all, Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings.
    • Now, Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.
    • Then, Restart chrome and see, If it works.

    5. Delete Chrome Profile Data

    This is like resetting chrome. But, It is better. It solves many chrome related problems. So, You can try it. Here are instructions.

    • At first, Close Chrome browser.
    • Now, Open Run by press Win + R.
    • Then, Type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and hit Enter.
    • You should see a folder named “Default” in newly opened window. Just rename it to default.old.
    • Now, Launch google chrome and see, If it resolves chrome blank pages problem.

    6. Scan with Good Antivirus:

    Sometimes, Virus infection can affect chrome performance. So, It is always recommended to scan your PC with a good antivirus.

    I hope, These methods will be helpful to fix chrome blank pages problem. If you know better solution, You can share in comment box.