How to Fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10

How to Fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10

September 16, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Are you facing bluescreen problem in Windows? Maybe, Yes. Probably, You are encountering CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error. Don’t worry. In this article, You will know how to fix it.

    This blue screen of death is also known as stop error. When you encounter it, your computer automatically restarts. Sometimes, It may go through restart loop. As a result, You can’t do anything on Windows PC. It is very annoying. Fixing critical process died this type of problems is a bit tricky but possible.

    When you encounter this BSoD, you may see following messages on the blue screen-

    Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.

    If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED

    You also can see this error code 0x000000EF in this BSOD. Anyway, After seeing these error messages in monitor screen, you may search online for solutions. Unfortunately, There is a very few helpful information. By the way, This article aims to provide you details information to fix critical process died. But, You also should know additional information about it. Because it will make everything easier to understand.

    Super HD Image Critical Process Died Windows


    Usually, It happens when Windows detects unusual activity on its critical components. But, Why this unusual activity occurs? It is because of faulty third-party software, services or outdated and incompatible drivers.

    Many of us don’t update Windows, Drivers and other components regularly. As a result, These remain outdated. It is the reason these things don’t work correctly with the latest Windows build. So, You may have noticed that many users encounter many kinds of problems including BSoDs right after upgrading Windows the to most recent version. Virus, RAM or power supply problem also can cause this type of blue screen of death. You can “solve critical_process_died”. But, At first, You should understand or identify which thing is the culprit behind this error in your Windows PC. Then, Try the appropriate method to fix it.

    How to Fix Critical Process Died Error:

    I’ve already mentioned that this is a common BSOD error for windows Windows 10 and 8. So, I’ll describe the methods for these for windows 10 and 8. Just follow the methods below –

    Method 1: Fix Critical Process Died by Performing Clean Boot

    Before proceeding this technique, you must know what the clean boot is. It is a method that disables all third-party services that run automatically in the background right after your computer’s startup. If any of these services cause this blue screen of death, performing clean boot can help you to identify it.

    If you see that you are not experiencing CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED in clean boot, it indicates that any of the third-party services is the culprit. Enable services one by one to find out it. Then, Uninstall it. Keep in mind that ancient software, resource hungry software and security tools like antivirus and firewall are the very common culprit for this issue.

    Method 2: Fix in Safe Mode

    Safe mode is similar to the clean boot. But, It does more things that ensure a clean environment. You can quickly fix this critical process died blue screen error in safe mode. Just follow the instructions below:

    advanced startup to fix Critical Process Died Error

    • At first Open Start Menu and Click on Power.
    • Now press and hold Shift from the keyboard and click on Restart. If you can’t access on your PC, You can do it in your lock screen. Or you may have to follow other tricks to perform safe mode.
    • Now you will see three options on the blue screen. Choose Troubleshoot.
    • Now click on Advanced Option.
    • Click on Startup Settings.
    • Then click on Restart.
    • Now your PC will be restarted and show you the advanced boot menu.
    • You will see many options on the black screen such as safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and safe mode with networking. If you are in windows 10 or 8.1, You may have to press 5 to enable safe mode with command prompt.

    However, After booting into safe mode, You can do several things to fix critical process died. The first thing, I recommend you to do is doing system restore. It will help bring back your previous state of Windows, and you may no longer face the blue screen.

    However, If it doesn’t go through right way, you may open command prompt as administrator and run this command: sfc/scannow. Hopefully, It will repair critical process died error.

    Method 3: Update or Re-Install Drivers

    You have already known that outdated and faulty drivers can cause various unusual things in Windows 10. The only way to prevent them doing this is keeping them up to date. Here are some instructions to update drivers in Windows. However, You also can use Driver Booster to update drivers more conveniently. It updates everything including gaming components automatically. So, You won’t have to update everything one by one.

    However, If the faulty driver is the reason behind critical_process_died, Updating them will surely cure your PC of the error.

    Method 4: Use Driver Verifier to Fix Critical Process Died

    Driver verifier is a built-in tool for Windows operating systems. You can run this tool to identify any driver that is not entirely compatible or problematic for your PC. If you can remove or disable that one, it may fix the BSOD you are encountering. Read this article to know how you can use driver verifier. You also can visit: to know more about it.

    Method 5: Repair Faulty System Files

    If something modifies critical system files, blue screen of death errors may appear. So, You should take steps to fix corrupted system file. It will also remove critical process died from your PC.

    Method 6: Repair Hard Disk and RAM Issues

    Problems on your hard disk or in RAM may affect your PC performance in many ways. Who knows, Maybe RAM or Hard disk problem is behind critical process died on your PC. So, I recommend you to repair hard disk problem and RAM problem.

    Method 7: Analyze Dump File to Fix Critical Process Died

    Have you ever wanted to know what dump file is? It can be handy to identify the reason for any problem of Windows. So, You should analyze small minidump file to determine the culprit. Then, Take appropriate steps to fix this BSOD.

    There may be many other ways to get rid of critical process died. But, These are the most useful methods you can try. Otherwise, You may post on Microsoft community forum to get help.