Fix Disabled Ethernet Problem in Mac

Fix Disabled Ethernet Problem in Mac

August 30, 2018 By alberto

    What is great about using an Apple desktop is the wide screen and the fact that it is open for both work and play. Using it to play games is great because of its high quality audio and display, and work can become easier as you are able to put everything out in clear view, multitasking or able to see every little detail if editing! But what happens when your ethernet is disabled and you can’t connect to the wifi?

    Apple Bug: Disabled Ethernet

    One of the most important things about using a computer for work (or playing online!) is the internet connection. Not only does it get work done, but you are able to connect with clients, family, and friends, communicating with each other no matter how far you are. With internet, may it be ethernet or wifi, is an important factor when working, and if you are using a DSL router, it is always important to have your ethernet connection steady and stable.

    Unfortunately, Apple has had some issues when it comes to a disabled ethernet. Apple’s latest update with desktops ha had a minor bug regarding the ethernet port, which causes it to not work properly, meaning you will not be able to connect to the internet because of this! Fortunately, Apple has now fixed the update, but chances are, you are still on the same version with disabled ethernet.

    Apple and Ethernet

    But what is ethernet? I am sure most of you don’t know the meaning of it, and I can’t blame you, as Apple does not have it on their laptops anymore. They do have an ethernet port on their desktops though, and that is what we are going to focus on. An ethernet port is one wherein you plugin your internet connection using an actual cable, rather than connecting to the wifi. This is used for DSL routers, dialup connections, and the like.

    If ever your ethernet port is disabled and can’t work, the first thing to do is to restart your Macbook to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then it may be the bug found in the latest update that has something to do with your disabled ethernet. Here is how you can check if your Macbook has the bug, and how to get rid of it (by installing the newest update Apple created)

    How to Check and Fix Disabled Ethernet Port in Mac:

    Apple’s new update on the desktop has had some issues with a disabled ethernet. If you are using Wifi and the ethernet connection at the same time, it is possible that you have not noticed that your ethernet is disabled. Here is how you can check if you have the new update with the bug:

    1. Open System Information App (Application > Utilities or hold Option then go to Apple Menu > System Information)
    2. So to Software > Installations
    3. Click Software Name to categorize the list alphabetically
    4. Look for “Incompatible Kernel Extension Configuration Data”, then look for the version number.

    Update With Wi-Fi

    If it is 3.28.1, then you have the bad update. Luckily, you can easily update it to the latest version using your wifi connection:

    1. Open Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities)
    2. Click the CPU tab and type “updated” in the search field. “softwareupdated process” will be the only result shown
    3. On another window, go to Terminal (Application > Utilities)
    4. Type “sudo softwareupdate –background”
    5. Type your administrator password
    6. Go back to Activity Monitor and check if the % CPU of the softwareupdated process is 0%. If so, then the system is updated to now.
    7. Restart your Mac and check to see if your ethernet port now works properly.

    Updating Without WiFi

    If ever you are not able to use your wifi connection, or have no wifi router and solely depended on ethernet for your internet, then it will be a bit more complicated. You can still do it yourself, but it will take more time and sleuthing to get it done. Here is how to fix your disabled ethernet without a wifi connection:

    1. Restart to OS X Recovery by holding down the Command + R button
    2. Select Disk Utility and look for your drive, which is usually named Macintosh HD, if you haven’t moved or renamed it. renamed it.
    3. If ever the drive is dimmed, you will need to unlock it from FileVault. Go to File > Unlock and enter your password for FileVault.
    4. Go to File > Mountmount your drive if it has not yet been mounted.
    5. Quit Disk Utility
    6. Go to Utilities > Terminal
    7. Type or copy and paste this command on the field. If your drive has a different name, replace “Macintosh HD” with your drive name:rm -rf “/Volumes/Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions/AppleKextExcludeList.kext”

    Now that that’s done, there is one more stage in order to complete the update:

    1. Quit Terminal
    2. Restart your Mac. Once restarted, the ethernet connection should now be working
    3. Follow steps from “Update with Wifi” section in order to complete the process of updating your Macbook desktop.
    4. Once restarted, you now have the latest version and can use your ethernet port like nothing happened.

    Another alternative would be for you to restart your mac into Recovery Mode and reinstall your Mac OS X. Don’t worry, there is a way to do that without reformatting your whole desktop!

    And there you have it, a surefire way to fix the disabled ethernet port from your Macbook desktop. They are simple steps that can be done by anyone, so long as you are careful and follow the instructions carefully. If ever the problem still persists and you are still not able to use your ethernet port properly, it may be another hardware problem that has nothing to do with the update, so it is best to contact Apple Support online, or to have it checked in the place where you bought your desktop from.