Fix Disk Cleanup Button Missing in Windows

Fix Disk Cleanup Button Missing in Windows

August 29, 2018 By kirsten

    Disk cleanup is an essential tool for windows users. It is a built-in software in every versions of windows. So, Users trust it more. Users can open it from different locations. It can be opened from disk drive properties. But sometimes, You may see the disk cleanup button is missing from there. Though it is not a serious issue, You should know how to fix this problem.

    disk cleanup missing driver properties

    Why Disk Cleanup Button Disappeared in Drive Properties:

    Probably, Your registry has been corrupted or damaged. Or there is something wrong with your system files. Again, This problem may arise for recent changes on recycle bin properties settings. Another possible reason is third-party recycle bin softwares like undelete professional. These are the possible reasons behind not seeing disk cleanup button in drive properties. So, We will try to fix this problems in 4 methods. I hope, Any of it will help you.

    How to Fix Disk Cleanup Missing in Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7:

    I’m about to describe 4 easiest methods to resolve this issue. Here are they –

    1. Removing Third-Party Recycle Bin / Undelete Software:

    Sometimes, You may have installed any third-party tool that replaced your built in windows recycle bin. In that case, It is possible that it has affected your disk cleanup button in drive properties. So, Try to uninstall that software and restart your computer. Then check your local disk drive properties and see if the problem has been resolved.

    2. Correcting Recycle Bin Properties Settings:

    Sometimes, Recycle bin properties settings can be modified by you or anything else. That may cause this “disk cleanup button disappeared problem”. In that case, You will need to correct the settings. To do it –

    • Right click on Recycle Bin on the desktop and select Properties.
    • Now, Select the local disk drive which one’s properties is not showing disk cleanup button.
    • If the setting is set to “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted“, You should be sure that it is the reason behind the missing problem. In that case change the setting to Custom.
    recycle bin properties

    cleanup button has been disappeared from disk drive properties in windows 10

    • I mean, Just mark Custom. You also can set your preferred size.
    • Now, Click on Apply and OK.

    In recycle bin properties, You also can check the “Display delete confirmation dialog”. Because, Somepeoples reported that it helped them. Anyway,After doing these things, Check your drive properties and see if the problem is still existed.

    3. Create Registry Key to Get Back Disk Cleanup Button in Drive Properties:

    If first two methods don’t work for you, You can try this one. But before starting the process, You should create system restore point or backup your registries. Now, Follow these instructions –

    • Open Run by press Windows Key + R from keyboard.
    • Type regedit and press Enter to open windows registry editor.
    • Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > MyComputer.

    creating new key regeditor

    • Right click on MyComputer and click New > Key. Name the key as cleanuppath.
    edit string cleanuppath

    giving value in Edit String Pop Up Window of Registry Editor

    • Double click on the default value. A new edit string dialogue box will be appeared. In the value data field, Paste the following value and click on OK.
    %SystemRoot%\System32\cleanmgr.exe /D %c
    • Now exit the registry editor. Go to This PC / Computer and open any drive properties and see if the disk cleanup button missing problem is fixed.
    cleanuppath registry for disk cleanup button

    after creating cleanuppath registry key

    4. Fixing Damaged System Files

    I’m 99.99% sure that any of the first 3 methods will work. But, If you are still experiencing the missing disk cleanup button problem, I would like to suggest you to fix damaged system files. Only run SFC and DISM command. Then restart your PC. It should work. Otherwise, You will need to restore your system to the earlier point when your PC did not experience this disk cleanup button missing problem.

    I hope, This article will help you. If you have any additional relevant things to  know, You can ask me by comment.