Fix The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable in Windows

Fix The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable in Windows

October 29, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    While doing regular tasks on a computer that require external storage devices, we may face some common disk related problems. “The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable” is one of the very common external disk related issues that users encounter more frequently. This article is about this error and how to fix it.

    You may see error messages telling that the external disk is unreadable or corrupted. It may have various reasons. If the storage device is not connected with your PC properly, it may show you an error. Again, The device may have an internal problem. Sometimes, You can be directly responsible for this error. If you remove any external USB flash drives or HDDs while your PC is using it, You may face disk structure corruption or unreadable problem next time you connect it to PC. Else, There can be other things that cause such problems.

    The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable in Windows

    However, You may or may not get rid of this problem which depends on several factors. If your device is physically damaged, You won’t be able to fix any problem (Normally). Anyway, You may try your best to get a solution.

    How to Fix The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable in Windows:

    If your external storage device has no permanent physical damage, You can easily solve any disk structure corrupted or unbearable issue. Here are some methods that can help you with it.

    1. Reconnect:

    In most cases, This type of errors occurs when you connect an external device to your PC via USB. However, I suggest you to safely remove and connect it properly. Sometimes, Reconnecting may work.

    2. Re-Install the Disk Drive:

    Often uninstalling and reinstalling the external storage device fixes disk structure is corrupted or unreadable problems. So, I suggest you follow this method if the first one fails. To uninstall disk drive, follow those things:

    • At first, Open RUN. You can press Win + R from the keyboard to launch RUN.
    • Then, Type diskmgmt.msc and click OK or hit Enter. It will open Windows Device Manager.
    • Then, Find Disk Drives and expand it.
    • Now, Uninstall the problematic disk drive.

    Uninstall disk drive to fix The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable in Windows

    To re-install the disk drive, follow these steps:

    • In device manager, Click on Action from the navigation menu.
    • Now, Choose Scan for hardware changes.
    • Wait until your computer detects and install the disk drive.

    After doing these things, You should be able to work with your external disk drive without facing any more problem. However, You may need to restart your computer to finish the process.

    3. Run CHKDSK:

    Windows has a built-in tool that can fix common disk errors from either your internal SSD/HDD or external storage drives like USB flash drive, memory card or even external HDD. This tool also can help you to fix the disk structure is corrupted or unreadable. Anyway, Here are the instructions you will have to follow.

    • At first, Launch command prompt. You can open the start menu and type cmd to find command prompt. Then, Open it.
    • Now, Run the following command:

    chkdsk n: /r

    Note: Don’t forget to replace n with your driver letter. For example, Your external storage drive’s letter is H. So, The command should be like chkdsk h: /r.

    • The following command will find and fix any disk related errors which will also solve your problem.

    4. Use Third-Party Programs:

    Sometimes, You may not find any way to fix the disk structure is corrupted or unreadable. In that case, I suggest you recover your personal data from the damaged storage drive. There are many third-party programs which can help you to recover files from lost partitions. You may use any of them.

    What If You Can’t Boot Windows Normally?

    In most cases, The disk structure corruption or unreadable problems occur in external storage. But, If it happens in internal hard disk partitions, You may not be able to access windows normally. In this case, You will have to run chkdsk command from safe mode in command prompt. Here the instructions.

    clicking on advanced-options

    • You will need a Windows bootable drive. Just insert it in your PC and boot from this bootable media.
    • When windows installation window appears, click Next.
    • Then, Click on Repair your computer.
    • Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.
    • Now, Run chkdsk command.

    Hopefully, it will fix the disk structure is corrupted or unreadable.

    If nothing works, It is possible that your storage drive is physically damaged. In that case, You can send it to repair center or buy a new one.