Fix Your DNS Server might be unavailable in Windows 10

Fix Your DNS Server might be unavailable in Windows 10

October 8, 2018 By kirsten

    There may be many reasons for internet connection problem in Windows 10. In some cases, When you run Network Troubleshooter, You may find a reason “Your DNS Server might be unavailable.” This article has some helpful information and ideas to fix this problem.

    Sometimes, Users may see that they can’t connect to the internet properly. It happens suddenly. When they try to browse any website, browsers may tell them something like “this page can’t be displayed” or “This site can’t be reached.” It may promote an option something like “Fix connection problems.” When you click on it or run Windows Network Troubleshooter, you may get the following message.

    Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all the issues found. You can find more details below.

    Problem found

    Your DNS Server might be unavailable

    It is a confusing thing for you. It can be more strange when you see that your phone, tablet or another PC can connect to the internet using the same connection. By the way, It means the problem contains on your PC.

    To fix your DNS server might be unavailable, you can follow some useful methods. But, Before that, You should know why you are encountering this problem.

    What Causes the Problem “Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable”:

    This problem is related to DNS settings of your ISP or your device. Some other things also can cause this problem. To identify the actual reason, you can do a few things. You can check if you can connect to the internet from other devices using the same connection or not. Try to use a different internet connection to see if your device settings are OK or not. However, If you know that the actual reason lies on your device, It may be for any third-party antivirus, firewall or DNS settings on Windows. Sometimes, Your wireless router may be the reason behind this problem. If your network cable is not connected to your PC properly, it also can cause the problem. In some cases, The actual problem can be from your ISP’s end.

    How to Fix Your DNS Server might be unavailable in Windows:

    This problem has two types of solutions. If the problem lies on your PC, There are some unique methods to fix. If the problem is from your ISP, there is another solution. However, Here are the most useful ways to fix your DNS server might be unavailable.

    1. Change DNS

    As the problem is related to DNS service, you should try this method. Sometimes, The DNS address you are using in your PC may be down or unstable. That’s why you may face this problem. So, Change your DNS address to Google DNS or Open DNS as these are highly stable and popular. To do it, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Open Network Connections

    You can open it by following several ways. But, the easiest way is RUN Command. So, At first, Press on Win + R on the keyboard. It will open RUN. Then, Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter. It will open network connections window.

    Step 2: Set DNS

    Setting DNS is very easy. To do it, Double click on the connection you are using. Then, Go to Properties. After that, Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. Now, Set the DNS as and See the screenshot to be more precise about it.

    Procedures to Change DNS address on Windows 10

    After doing it, You will need to flush DNS. You can directly open Command Prompt and run “ipconfig /flushdns” to do it.

    At last, Try to browse the internet. I hope, it will fix DNS server might be unavailable.

    2. Disable or Remove Antivirus or Firewall Temporarily

    Sometimes, Security software like antivirus or firewall can cause connection interruption on Windows 10 or any other versions. So, You should try to uninstall them temporarily to see what happens. If you are unable to do it, at least disable them temporarily. For many users, it fixes your DNS server might be unavailable issue.

    3. Reset Connection and Flush DNS Completely

    This is an excellent method to get rid of this type of internet connection related errors on Windows. I guess most of you know how to do reset your connection settings. If you don’t know it, Read this article.

    4. Reset TCP/IP

    In case, You still can’t connect to the internet properly, you can reset transmission control protocol and internet protocol settings on your PC. A simple command is enough to do it. You can open the command prompt and run the following command.

    netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt

    After doing it, You may need to restart your computer to complete the process. It will completely remove the DNS server might be unavilable problem from your PC.

    5. Disable Proxy or VPN

    Are you using VPN or a proxy? Probably, That is the problem. You can disable your VPN to get rid of this DNS server unavailable problem. You also can disable proxy.

    To do it, simply open Internet Options. You can open RUN, type inetcpl.cpl and press enter. It will open Internet Options.

    Then, Go to Connections tab and then double-click on LAN Settings.

    Uncheck everything except Automatically detect settings. Then, Save this settings.

    After doing it, Restart Windows. From now, You should no longer encounter DNS server might be unavailable issue.

    6. Reset Router

    Sometimes, Settings of your router can be a reason behind this type of DNS problems. If you don’t know how to fix these settings, you can reset your wireless router. To know how to do it, read your router’s manual.

    7. Contact ISP

    Sometimes, This problem can be an issue of your ISP. In that case, contact support center and explain them your problem. They will take steps to fix your DNS server might be unavailable problem.

    These are the working solutions for this problem. You can let me know which one has worked for you.