How To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation in Windows – Best Solutions


DPC Watchdog Violation is a nightmare for Windows users. Which version you are using? Windows 8.1, Windows 8? It’s not a fact. It has become a common problem now days. There are many users who faced this problem. But this problem is frequently seen in windows 8.1 & windows 10. Recently dpc watchdog violation windows 10 has been reported from so many users.

asus dpc watchdog violation screenshot


  1. Why DPC Watchdog Violation
  2. Fix by Turning off Fast Startup
  3. Fix DPC WatchDog Violation by Updating Drivers
  4. Solve by Checking Corrupted Hard Drive
  5. Repair in Safe Mode
  6. Scan & Fix System Files to Fix BSOD
  7. Fix by System Restore
  8. Fix by Resetting Windows
  9. Advanced Method to Fix BSOD
  10. If You Failed to Fix
  11. Avoid DPC Watchdog Violation.

Why DPC Watchdog Violation:

DPC Watchdog Violation can occur for some common reasons. One is your SSD driver is old. It may be using an unsupported and old firmware. Again it can occur for any hardware incompatibility issues. Corrupted system files also can cause this blue screen error.

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation in Windows 10/8.1/8:

I’ve made a research through the internet. But I never got any perfect solutions for dpc watchdog violation. I was also a victim of this watchdog error. But I could solve my problem. I found some working solutions to fix dpc watchdog violation. According to my experience, These are the best solutions for this blue screen error. Let’s know these solutions.

Some Common Solutions to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation:

There are some common methods that may work for you. Because these worked for many users. But these are not the granted solutions.

Method 1: Turn Off Fast Startup

Sometimes this method may solve dpc watchdog violation. Here are the instructions –


Go to Control Panel. Make sure that your control panel is set to View By: Large Icon like the picture below.

Fix dpc dog violation

Now click on Power Options. Then click on Choose What the Power Buttons Do.

fix dpc watchdog violation dell

Now click on Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable.

Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation

Now uncheck Turn on Fast Startup.

windows 10 dpc watchdog violation fix

Method 2: Update Drivers

This is one of the best methods to fix dpc watchdog violation in windows 10. As it is a new version of windows, Your old drivers may not be compatible with it. So, It is always better to update drivers to latest version. Specially, Updating IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers can resolve your problem. Because Many users have been encountering this blue screen of death because of having older IDE ATA/ATAPI controller driver. However, You can do following things to update this driver.

  • First of all, Open RUN by press win + R from the keyboard.
  • Now, Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  • Then, Find IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and expand it.
  • Right click on your driver and choose Update Driver.
  • Then, Choose your preferred method to update it
  • By this way, you can update all of your drivers.

Note: You must update/install the drivers with yellow explanation sign.

Method 3: Check Corrupted Hard Drive

You also may try this method to fix dpc watchdog violation blue screen error.


1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

2. Type CHKDSK C: /F /R and press enter.

How To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation

3. Type and press enter.

4. Restart your Computer.

Method 4: Safe Mode

This method is one of the most successful methods to solve dpc watchdog violation. However, You may not be able to boot into safe mode according to the instructions given below. So, I suggest you to read: How to Boot Into Safe Mode in Windows 10/8.1


1. At first, You need to turn on your PC in safe mode. So at first turn of your PC.

2. Now, press on the power button to turn on your PC.

3. After pressing the power button, press F8 continuously. (F8 is common key. But sometimes it may not work for some PC/Laptops)

How To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation

4. Now you will see a black screen with some options. Select Safe mode and press enter.

5. Your PC will be opened in safe mode. Now remove all of your external drivers and network drivers. (Most of the time Network drivers are responsible for dpc watchdog violation). To do it you just need to go to Computer/This PC properties > Device Manager.

6. After uninstalling these devices and install them again and update these drivers to latest version.

7. Now restart your PC.

Method 5: Fix System Files

Scanning and fixing system files sometimes work great to fix dpc watchdog violation. To do it –

  • Disconnect internet and any network.
  • Disable any security software installed on your PC. Example: Antivirus, Internet Security, Third-party Firewall etc.
  • Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
  • Type SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
  • Now restart your PC.

Many windows 10, windows 8 & 8.1 users found this helpful to fix dpc watchdog violation.

Method 6: Restore Your System.

This is a very simple method. In some cases it works great to solve dpc watchdog violation.


1. Turn on your PC in Safe mode.

2. Restore your PC in previous restore point.

If you don’t know how to do system restore, Read: Do System Restore in Windows.

Method 7: Reset or Re-Install Windows

This is also a good working method. If your PC was running well and suddenly you are facing that BSOD, this method may be your good solution. Many windows 10 users found this method helpful. You can repair or reset your windows to solve dpc watchdog violation.


1. First of all, Turn on Your PC in safe mode.

How To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation

2. Now go to PC Setting > Update and Recovery > Recovery.

How To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation

3. Now choose your suitable option and reset your PC. You may require a windows bootable disk or pendrive.

You also can repair your PC, by your bootable DVD or pendrive in another way. To do it you just need to restart your PC and repair your PC from windows setup menu.

I hope all of these methods will help you to fix dpc watchdog violation.

You can also follow this two steps.

  1. Troubleshoot your PC and try to find any solution and follow the steps.
  2. Check if there any messages about windows issue from Action Center and find the solutions.

Hopefully, these steps will be helpful to fix this blue screen problem.

The Best Way to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation:

It’s a bit technical. But, You can follow an advanced method to get rid of this blue screen of death problem. Actually, This method works for any blue screen error. To know about it, Read: Fix BSOD by Analyzing Dump File

If these methods failed, Follow the steps bellow.

  1. At first, Try to understand for which software or driver the BSOD occurred.
  2. Then, Remove that software or driver. But before doing it try to update that software or driver to solve dpc watchdog violation.
  3. Sometimes some antiviruses like AVG is responsible for dpc watchdog violation. I’ve faced this BSOD for avg internet security. Anyway, remove that antivirus in any way.
  4. If there is no way to remove these software or drivers, resetreinstalltall your windows.
  5. After re-installing windows, don’t use these software, antivirus or drives.

How to Avoid DPC Watchdog Violation:

DPC Watchdog Violation may occur for many reasons. I’m suggesting some tips to avoid this nightmare.

  1. Always update your windows.
  2. Keep your drivers up to date.
  3. Turn off your computer properly.
  4. Don’t force your PC to shut down.
  5. If you find any error on any drivers of your PC, solve that instantly by updating or reinstalling that driver.
  6. Always use the latest version of intel management engine interface and keep it up to date.
  7. Use disk defragment and disk cleanup regularly.
  8. Use these software or drivers which are compatible with your version of windows. Don’t upgrade your windows, if you are using an older version of PC.

dpc watchdog violation

These are some possible tips to avoid dpc watchdog violation. But if you are already facing this problem, you should follow these steps which i already discussed above to solve dpc watchdog violation problem.

*Tips To remove any software which is responsible for DPC Watchdog Violation-

 – Just unplug the modem or network cable

 – Then Turn On your PC

 – Then uninstall that software.

All of the above are the possible best solution for dpc_watchdog_violation. If you know any solution of dpc watchdog violation, you can inform us by comment.

You can find some solutions of dpc watchdog violation from microsoft support site too.

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