Fix Can’t Reach this Page Problem in Microsoft Edge

Fix Can’t Reach this Page Problem in Microsoft Edge

September 24, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Microsoft’s new web browser Edge was released with windows 10 in 2015. But, Still, It has so many scopes of development. Like other browsers, It has some common issues that can hamper your internet browsing experience. Sometimes, You may face problems like “can’t reach this page” while Chrome, Firefox etc. work fine. So, There is something wrong that is restricting edge from internet access. This is actually a serious issue, If you encounter it more frequently.

    Fix Microsoft Edge We Can't Reach This Page Problem

    Normally, Edge no internet connection problem shows the following message.

    Hmm, we can’t reach this page

    It can happen for any specific web page or all websites. Like other problems, It has some good solutions.

    What Causes “We can’t reach this page problem”

     There are some common reasons behind it. For any reasons, DNS client service may be stopped unexpectedly, It is one of the major thing that can cause can’t reach this page problem. Wrong proxy settings, VPN client, Antivirus or firewall also can be responsible for creating this error. Else, ISP problems can cause it.

    How to Fix We can’t Reach This Page in Edge:

    In fact, It is very easy to get rid of this problem. I’m about to give you several solutions. Hope, Any of them will work. But, Before

    Check in Private Window:

    When you face any internet connectivity problems for Microsoft Edge, Just try to browse in private mode. If you see, You can browse privately, You should disable all extensions and see if it helps. In fact, It should fix can’t reach this page error, If any of your extensions is culprit. To browse in private environment,

    • Click on three dots icon from the top right corner and choose New InPrivate window.

    Temporarily Disable Security Programs:

    When you face any internet connectivity problems, You can first disable security programs temporarily. Because, They can sometimes block internet connectivity. So, Do this and check, If it fixes can’t reach this page problem in edge. In case, You find disabling these services helps, You can whitelist edge in these programs or permanently uninstall them.

    Start / Restart DNS Client Service:

    DNS client is very important service to make sure smooth internet connectivity in your windows PC. If it is disabled for any reason, Users may encounter connectivity problems. So, It can be a major reason behind your edge browser connection issue with any sites. So, To fix we can’t reach this page error, You can check if this service is active or not. If you find it is enabled, Just restart it. Otherwise, Turn it on. Here are the commands, You will need.

    • To stop DNS Client

    net stop dnscache

    • To start DNS Client

    net start dnscache

    Note: You will have to run these from command prompt with administrator rights. You can just right click on start and choose command prompt (admin).

    Use Different DNS to Fix Can’t Reach this Page:

    Okay, Sometimes local IPS may provide its own DNS to users by default. If it has any issue, It may be a result of no internet access type problems. Specially, In browser, You may see “can’t reach”, “can’t reach”, “failed to load” or similar other messages. So, You can use any of popular public DNS services. Google DNS, Level 3, Open DNS are some good examples for that. Here are the things to do.

    • Open RUN by pressing Win +R, type ncpa.cpl and click on OK or press Enter.
    • Now, Double click on the connection you are using.
    • Then, Click on Properties and the double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
    • Check, Use the following DNS server addresses and then set your DNS as and (Google DNS).
    • After doing these things, Reconnect internet and see if it fixes can’t reach this page in edge.

    Note: You may need to clear DNS cache. To do it, Simply open command prompt and run the following command.

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Correct Proxy Settings:

    Any misconfiguration in your proxy settings will result many connectivity problems. It may totally restrict microsoft edge, windows store from accessing public internet. So, To “fix can’t reach this page” in edge, You should check your proxy settings to know if it is ok. Here are instructions to correct any misconfiguration.

    • First of all, Press Win + I.
    • Now, Click on Network & Internet.
    • Then, Click on Proxy from left bottom side.
    • Now, Turn Automatically detect settings to On and Use setup script to off.
    • Save this settings and reconnect internet.
    • Now, See if it fixes can’t reach this page problem.

    Check in Clean Boot:

    Okay, If you are totally disappointed by not getting any perfect solution, You can perform clean boot. Then see if the problem still exists. You may not face that error in clean boot mode. In that case, You should find out which service or program is creating the conflicts. Now, Boot into normal mode. If you have any proxy or VPN software, Try to disable them and see if it works. Otherwise, Disable recently installed programs. You also can uninstall any suspicious programs temporarily.  I hope, It will help you.

    Contact Support Team of Your ISP:

    Okay, I think it is the last way remained open for you except reinstalling windows. At first, Check if other Windows 10 PCs are being affected by the same problems. If yes, Then contact your ISP and let them know your concern. I hope, They will better assist you to fix we can’t reach this page problem in microsoft edge browser.