How to Fix Err Connection Refused in Chrome

How to Fix Err Connection Refused in Chrome

October 24, 2018 By kirsten

    Though google chrome is the most popular web browser, It has some serious problems. Often, It shows error while browsing any website. At this time, You are going to know “How to Fix Err Connection Refused“. It is a very familiar issue. It may come with the following message.

    Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): The server refused the connection

    In most cases, Misconfigurations of web server creates this type of problems. In that case, Users will have no option get rid of it for that specific website. Only website admin will be able to resolve err connection refused. But, It may be a result of any bugs of chrome, third-party extensions, adware or malicious tracking cookies, programs or plugins, etc. That time, Users must take necessary steps to identify the main culprit and solve it.

    Fix Err Connection Refused in Chrome Browser:

    Now, I will try to give some working solutions that will help you to get rid of this error. I hope, At least one of these tips will work for you. Before going through my solution, Please clear your browser cache and see if it does work for you.

    Try Incognito Mode:

    If you have several third-party plugins and extensions installed in chrome, You can browse from incognito mode. It will make it easier to find out the culprit plugin. If you see everything is going well in incognito mode, Try to disable all extensions and plugins and browse in normal mode. Now, You should not face err connection refused problem. In case, You see the problem incognito mode too, You will have to follow next methods.

    Disable Firewall and Antivirus:

    Sometimes, Your firewall or security programs may create issues with any HTTP or https website. If the firewall doesn’t trust any SSL certificate, It can automatically block it. As a result, User may experience connection error between his or her browser and the website. So, Sometimes disabling security programs may fix err connection refused in google chrome. You also can tweak web security in your antivirus or firewall program so that it asks you before blocking any SSL certificate.

    Flush DNS and Change or Reset Connection Settings:

    Another issue that can cause err_connection_refused is your DNS and connection settings. Most of the time, Local ISP provides its own DNS server by default. It may have an issue that causes the error we are discussing.

    As a solution, At first, I recommend you to flush DNS and reset connection settings. Then change your DNS IP. You can use google DNS, level 3 DNS, open DNS as these are very popular and secured.

    To change DNS settings, You can do following things.

    • Open RUN by pressing Win + R.
    • Type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter.
    • Now, Double click on the connection you are using to connect to the internet.
    • Click on Properties and double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
    • Now, Check Use the following DNS server addresses.
    • Set your DNS as and It is google DNS. You can use any other public DNS addresses if you want.
    • Now, Restart your computer and see you have fixed err_connection_refused.

    Check Proxy Settings to Fix Err_Connection_Refused:

    Sometimes, Your proxy settings may affect your internet browsing experience. You may encounter many errors in google chrome. So, I would like to suggest you check your proxy settings.

    • Open RUN and type inetcpl.cpl. Now, Hit enter.
    • You will see a new window called Internet Properties. Click on connection tab.
    • Click on LAN Settings.
    • Now, Make sure only Automatically detect settings is checked. Uncheck other options and restart your PC.

    I hope It will fix err connection refused. If it disappoints you, Follow next method.

    Try from Different Network:

    Sometimes, Your ISP may have some issue. As a result, You may encounter that error we are talking about. So, Browse internet from a different network. You can use VPN and see if you still face the problems. In case, You are only having difficulty with your ISP, Contact them for better assistance.

    Fix Err Connection Refused, If You are Web Admin:

    I’ve explained how regular users can get rid of this error. But, If you are web admin and you are experiencing this issue on your website suddenly, You can fix it by following some common ways.

    In most cases, Your website may show this problem, When you upgrade your site from HTTP to HTTPS. You can wait a few minutes and try to browse again. Then, You will not face it again. If your SSL configuration has any issue, Users will encounter err connection refused from anywhere. So, Try to resolve your SSL configuration issue. Don’t seek for free SSL. Always try to buy paid one.

    Sometimes, Your DNS zone settings may create this problem. Double check it and fix any errors. If you are in free DNS hosting, Try to transfer in Cloudflare free plan. Website owners who have hosted their site in VPS or dedicated server can restart their server. It will also restart all services you are using on your web server. As a result, It will have a very good chance to fix err connection refused error.

    I hope, You will no longer encounter err_connection_refused, and my methods will be helpful for you. Please, Let me know anything you want to know to fix this error. You also can share the method that worked for you in the comment box.