How to Fix ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT in Google Chrome

How to Fix ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT in Google Chrome

November 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When you are going to visit any website using Google Chrome, You may encounter various problems. The ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT is one of the most annoying issues for Chrome users. But, You can fix it by following a few steps.

    Several things may cause this err connection timed out. The source of this problem can be from user end or the site owner end. However, There are some conventional troubleshooting solutions to fix ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT. These apply to both user’s and developer’s end.

    err connection timed out screenshot

    One of the most common reasons behind this error is antivirus or firewall installed on your PC. Else, VPN/Proxy, etc. can be behind this connection problem. However, Sometimes, It can be a result of an internal error of your ISP. In some cases, The server that hosts website may have connectivity problems. As a result, when users try to visit that site from Google Chrome, they may get the error.

    10 Ways to Fix ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT on Chrome

    If the problem source is your PC, you can quickly get rid of it. In this article, You will get a complete guide to fix this problem. As we see this issue in Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 more frequently, our troubleshooting procedures will be for Windows platform. Anyway, Here are the methods I recommend you to try to remove this problem from your PC.

    1. Change DNS

    By default, You may be using your local ISP’s DNS address. So, You may try Google DNS or any other public DNS addresses to check if it fixes err_connection_timed_out. If you don’t know how to change or modify DNS addresses in Windows, You can follow these steps.

    • At first, You have to press on Win + R on the keyboard to open RUN.
    • Now, Type ncpa.cpl and press enter. It will open network connections window.
    • Double click on the connection you are using.
    • Now, Go to Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    • Set your DNS addresses as and
    • Save the settings.
    • Then, Restart your computer.

    Now, Try to visit the problematic websites and see if it helps.

    2. Configure LAN Settings

    Using a proxy or modifying LAN settings may be a reason behind err_connection_timed_out. So, To fix this error, you should configure LAN settings. Here are instructions.

    At first, Open RUN like before.

    Then, Type inetcpl.cpl and click on OK.

    After that, Go to Connections tab and click on LAN Settings.

    internet properties connection tab

    Now, Uncheck all options and save the settings.

    At last, Restart your computer. Hopefully, It will resolve the problem.

    3. Check Hosts File

    It is another working method to fix ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT in chrome. However, You should check hosts file if you see this error message for particular websites. Maybe, Those websites have been blocked using the hosts file. Anyway, To review and modify hosts file in windows, follow these steps.

    The hosts file location is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. So, At first, Go there. Keep in mind that C is your windows installation drive. If you have installed Windows in another drive, Replace C with that drive letter.

    However, After going there, copy the hosts file and paste it in the desktop.

    Now, Open it with Notepad or Notepad++.

    Block Websites On Your PC using hosts file

    Scroll down and look at the below of this line “localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself”. If you see some web addresses along with the IP address, delete those lines. But, don’t remove the lines with the text localhost.

    Now, Save it.

    After that, Copy the modified host file to the original location. You may need to administrative right to do it. If the problem source is the hosts file, following these procedures will definitely solve err connection timed out.

    4. Flush DNS and Reset IP

    Are you still getting the error in Google Chrome? Probably, You should try to flush DNS and reset IP addresses in order to solve the problem. To do it, You will need to open the start menu, type cmd, right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

    Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

    Then, ipconfig /registerdns and press enter.

    After that, ipconfig /release and hit enter.

    Then type ipconfig /renew and press enter.

    At last, Run netsh winsock reset this command.

    Hopefully, It will help you to fix err_connection_timed_out.

    5. Delete Default Chrome Profile

    It is an excellent solution to repair any Google Chrome browser related problems. However, To process this method, these are the things you will have to do.

    First of all, Make sure you have closed Google Chrome completely.

    Now, Open RUN and type this command %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and then click on OK. It will open a new window.

    Now, Find the folder “Default”. You can delete it. But, I recommend you to rename it as default.backup or something else. It will allow you to restore your chrome data when you need.

    This time, Launch chrome and try to visit the websites. You should no longer encounter the problem.

    6. Disable Firewall and Antivirus

    Are you using a third-party security software in Windows? If yes, you could try to disable it temporarily to see if it would fix ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT in chrome.

    7. Re-install Chrome Completely

    Are you facing difficulties to visit websites only with Google Chrome? If yes, you may need to uninstall chrome completely and then install it again by downloading from here.

    8. Clean Boot

    Maybe, There is a third-party service or program which is causing this problem. So, You should perform clean boot. If you see that in clean boot, you don’t encounter the problem, it means there is a service or program which is causing the problem. Try to find it out and remove it from Windows.

    9. Contact ISP

    Sometimes, You may face this error only when you connect to the internet through a specific network. Probably, This problem’s source is not on your PC. In that case, You should contact your ISP and let them know that you are getting problems while visiting some websites. They will investigate and fix err connection timed out.

    10. Are You the Site Owner?

    If you have a website and visitors can’t visit it for err connection timed out, you will need to fix it on your own. Here are the things, you may do.

    Make sure that your domain’s DNS settings are OK.

    Check your server status.

    Restart your server.

    Contact your hosting/server provider.

    However, Hopefully, these tips will help you to get rid of err_connection_timed_out. You may know any other better solutions. You are welcome to let me about the method that worked for you.