How to Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT on Chrome

How to Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT on Chrome

August 30, 2018 By kirsten

    Chrome is now the most popular web browser. But, Users may face some issues with it. Specially, While browsing websites, You may encounter some annoying errors. ERR_TIMED_OUT is one of them. Nowadays, Many peoples are facing this problem. Specially in windows 10, Google Chrome’s performance is not so good. Its bed performance becomes worst when users face trouble to visit any web pages.

    How to Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT:

    This error can be your PC’s problem or your ISP’s issue. If your chrome browser or anything else in your PC is the culprit, This page loading problem can fixed easily. Here are the methods –

    1. Check in Incognito Mode and Remove Plugins:

    This is first method to fix Err Timed Out error. This problem can be caused by one of your plugins or extensions. So, At first you should brows in incognito mode and see what happens. If you see that you are not facing ERR_TIMED_OUT in private mode, Then there is something wrong with your plugins or extensions. So, Try to disable them and check if you face the problem again. If you don’t face the browsing problem again, Try to enable plugins and extensions one by one and find out which one is the main culprit. Then delete that plugin or extension.

    To enable incognito mode –

    • Look at the top right corner of Google chrome. See there is your user name or any user icon. Click on that.
    • Then select Go Incognito.

    chrome icognito mode to check ERR_TIMED_OUT

    To Enable / Disable Plugins or Extensions –

    • For extensions, Type chrome://extensions/ in your address bar and hit enter. Now, You will find enable/disable button.
    • For plugins, Type chrome://plugins/ in address bar. Then hit enter. Then you can enable or disable plugins.

    2. Delete Default Folder:

    This is another awesome method to solve ERR_TIMED_OUT. You will have to delete Default folder from your user data. To do it –

    • Press Win + R from keyboard.
    • Type the command below and hit enter.
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
    • Close Chrome browser.
    • Now, You will see a new window. Find the folder named Default. Backup this folder anywhere else. Then delete it.
    • Now, Open Google chrome and browse web pages. I hope, You won’t face the this timed out or any other connection error again.

    3. Re-Install Chrome to Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT:

    Any of the first two methods should resolve the issue. But, If you still face the problem, I would like to suggest you to uninstall the browser fully. Then install it again. After uninstalling browser, You have to clean the user data. To do it –

    • Open Run and type the following command. Then hit enter.
    • If you see there is a folder called Chrome. Delete it. Now, Restart your PC.
    • Install the browser again.
    • Now, Check if it resolves the err_timed_out error.

    4. Update Network Drivers:

    If there is something wrong with your ethernet or wireless drivers, You may face internet connection error in any web browsers. So, You should update your drivers and see what happens.

    5. Disabling Firewall & Security Software:

    Sometimes, Your firewall or antivirus programs may make trouble. So, disable these and check if it solves the problem. If you find disabling these programs helps, You can check your firewall setting. Allow chrome to connect in public or private network. If it doesn’t work. Remove these programs permanently and use different antivirus or firewall.

    6. Checking Host File:

    It is a recommended method. If you are facing the err timed out problem for a specific website, Check your host file. To do it –

    • Go to Local Disk C: > Windows > System32 > Drivers > etc.
    • Open the host file with notepad.
    • If you see the web address that you can’t visit, Delete that entire line from host file and save it.
    • Now open chrome and see your problem has been solved.

    7. Change / Flush or Reset DNS and Internet Settings:

    Sometimes, DNS changing or flushing works great. To change DNS –

    • Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections.
    • Double click on your connection name.
    • Click on Properties.
    • Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
    • Mark Use the following DNS server addresses.
    • Now, Give DNS address as and

    changing dns windows 10 to solve ERR_TIMED_OUT

    • Reconnect your internet connection and see what happens.

    To know how to flush dns and reset connection, Read this article.

    8. Try Different Network:

    ERR_TIMED_OUT can be occured by your internet connection errors. If you fail to fix this problem by following all methods, You can try to browse web pages from a different network. I mean, You can use VPN and see what happens. If you see that it is OK with VPN, Contact with your ISP support team and let them know that you are facing this problem with their network. Before that, Also check your modem or router settings. If possible reset them and configure again. Then see what happens.