Fix Error 0x80070091 During System Restore and Deleting Folder

Fix Error 0x80070091 During System Restore and Deleting Folder

October 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In windows, System restore is an amazing feature that helps users to recover PC when it doesn’t go well. But, Sometimes, System restore may fail by showing an error code 0x80070091. Same error code may appear when users try to delete any folder from hard drive. This is not a new problem that users are experiencing. But, Nowadays, It is bugging so many users. So, It is right time to know about the ways to fix error 0x80070091.

    When error 0x80070091 appears on screen, You may see different messages which depend on situations. For example, If this issue occurs during system restore, It may show the following message.

    System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed.
    Details: System Restore failed whil restoring the directory from the restore point.
    Source: AppxStaging
    Destination: %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps
    An unexpected error occurs during system restore. (0x80070091)

    If this problem arises during deleting any files, It will show the following message.

    Error 0x80070091: The directory is not empty

    While restoring system to a previous point or deleting any folders, People face error 0x80070091 more. Normally, This happens due to some basic problem in hard disk. So, If you fix common hard disk problems, It may also fix error 0x80070091. But, If the reasons behind this problem is totally different than what we are thinking, We may have to do different things to get rid of it.

    How to Fix Error 0x80070091 During System Restore and Data Transfer:

    Now, You will know about a few methods that can help you to repair error 0x80070091. Here are they-

    1. Run chkdsk Command:

    When you face this problem, You should try to run chkdsk command to repair common hard disk errors. This will fix your problem. Specially, If you encounter this problem during deleting a folder, This is one of the most working ways to resolve it. Here are the instructions that you should follow.

    • First of all, Press Win + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now, Run the following command.
    chkdsk /f /r C:
    • If the folder is on different disk drive like D, E or F, You should replace C with that drive letter. For example, chkdsk /f /r D:
    • After executing this command, It may ask you to give it permission to do this process during next restart. In that case, Press Y and hit enter.
    • If everything goes right, It may fix error 0x80070091.

    2. Boot Into Safe Mode:

    If you continuously encounter this error and already tried the first method, You can try to delete the folder or do system restore into safe mode. Read: Ways to Boot Into Safe Mode to know more details. In safe mode, You should not encounter error 0x80070091 while doing system restore or deleting any folder. In case, It doesn’t work, Follow next method.

    3. Rename WindowsApps Folder to Fix System Restore Error 0x80070091:

    This is a method that works in most of the time. This will help, If you only encounter this error during system restore and see this line “Destination: %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps” in error message. It means that there is something on C:\Program Files\WindowsApps preventing windows to complete the system restore process. If you can delete or rename this folder, It will definitely fix system restore error 0x80070091.

    Normally, You can’t rename this folder. Because, It contains sensitive data and it always requires a secured environment. So, You will have to get enough permissions to rename it. Here are instructions, That may help you.

    • First of all, Go to C:\Program Files. C is your windows installation drive letter. It may be different, If you have installed windows in another drive.
    • Now, Right click on WindowsApps and go to properties.
    • Go to Security tab and click on Advanced.
    • Now, Click on Change to change the owner of this folder.
    • Type your username of this PC in a box that will appear and click on Check Names.
    • Then, Click on OK.
    • Now, Mark Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and click on Apply.
    • It will take a few moments to change the ownership.
    • Now, You should see your username or microsoft account email address in permission entries.
    • If you don’t see, Click on Add and then click on Select a principal.
    • Search for your username and add it like before.
    • Now, From the permission entries, Edit your user permission and give it full access.
    • Then, Boot into safe mode and go to C:\Program Files and rename the WindowsApps to WndowsApps.old or anything else.

    If you can do these things, You should now try to do system restore again. It should fix error 0x80070091 and you will not face that system restore fail message again.

    Hope this helps!