How to Fix Error 0x80070241 in Windows

How to Fix Error 0x80070241 in Windows

August 31, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In windows desktop OS, users often encounter various error codes while doing common tasks. Error code 0x80070241 is one of them. You may face it during updating, upgrading or activating windows. Fortunately, There are some awesome methods to fix error 0x80070241. This article aims to present these methods to you in easier way.

    Windows 10, 8.1 or 7. Any windows users may encounter this error. In my case, I faced it while installing an update. Other peoples complain that they basically face it while upgrading windows by using windows upgrade assistant. Some users complained that they faced error 0x80070241 while trying to activate windows. Whatever the situation is, it’s not a matter. But, You will have to fix this error. This is the matter.

    Screenshot Error 0x80070241 in Windows

    How to Fix Error 0x80070241 in Windows 10/ 8.1:

    There are several methods to get rid of this error code. But, Which one you will have to apply depends on how you are encountering this problem. So, I’ve prepared these methods specifically so that you can understand clearly.

    1. Fix Error 0x80070241 While Updating Windows:

    If you get this error code when you try to install any windows update, this solution is relavent to you. Whatever happens, any update related issue can be solved by following these steps.

    • At first, Run windows update troubleshooter. Just go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Windows Update. Then, follow onscreen instructions. If you are not windows 10 user, You should find the update troubleshooter from control panel.
    • If first one doesn’t work, try to reset software distribution folder and then try to update windows.
    • In case, You still get the error code, you may consider to reset catroot2 folder.

    Hopefully, these suggestions will help you to solve this windows update error 0x80070241.

    2. Get Rid of this Error Code while Upgrading or Installing Windows:

    Some users may encounter this error while upgrading windows by upgrade assistant. It can be a different problem. But, I recommend you to apply these solutions that i used to fix update error 0x80070241. If it doesn’t help, You may download a fresh windows ISO file and burn it to removable storage and then try to upgrade from it. Otherwise, You may consider clean installation using latest ISO file.

    If this error code bugs you during windows installation, You may try to install from boot menu. Sometimes, Your bootable DVD or pendrive may have problem which is the main culprit. So, You also can use different installation media.

    3. Resolve Error 0x80070241 while Activating / Re-Activating Windows:

    This is a rare case. But, You may encounter similar error code while activating windows. Sometimes, Windows may ask you to reactivate its copy. In that case, You also may face same problem. But, It is pretty to fix error 0x80070241 in these situations. Just do these things.

    To fix error 0x80070241 in any situations you can follow these tips. If you know any other ways to get rid of this problem, you are more than welcome to share it with us.