Fix Error 0x80070490 While Updating Windows

Fix Error 0x80070490 While Updating Windows

October 21, 2018 By alberto

    Sometimes, You may face error 0x80070490. Normally, It appears and annoys you during downloading updates. It is a common problem in windows 10. But windows 8/8.1 users may face this issue too. This error may appear in other programs. I mean, You may not face it in windows update but somewhere else. All of these problems’ solutions are common. You can just try same fixes to get rid of this.

    screenshot 0x80070490

    How to Fix Error 0x80070490 in Windows 10 / 8:

    Corrupted system component store or  Component Based Servicing (CBS) manifest are the reasons behind it. So, You have to fix these corruption and then you can get rid of ox80070490 error.

    Method 1: Fix Corrupted System Files

    This is our primary and first step to fix error 0x80070490. At first, You will have to repair all of the corrupted windows system files. You will need to run SFC and DISM command to do it. After doing it, Just try to update your windows and see if it works.

    Method 2: Perform Clean Boot

    Sometimes, Third-party services may create conflicts that occur windows update error 0x80070490. So, Perform clean boot and try to update again. If it works, You should be sure that any of your third-party programs is causing the problem.

    Method 3: Run Update Troubleshooter

    You can run it in normal boot mode or in clean boot stage. To do it –

    • Open start menu and type troubleshooting and you will see the app. Open it.
    • From Troubleshooting, Go to System and Security and click on Windows Update.

    update troubleshooter HD

    • Now, Follow the simple instructions. It will fix any issues that occurs “error 0x80070490” or any other errors.

    update error fixed troubleshooter

    Method 4: Check Some Settings from Services

    Sometimes, You may modify any settings from windows service manager that you can’t remember. Probably, These are creating the issue. Again, Some third-party software may modify any settings. So, You will need to check and correct them. To do it –

    • Press Windows Key + R
    • Type services.msc and hit enter.
    • Find Windows Update and double click on it.
    • Now, Make sure it is set to Automatic (delayed start).

    service automatic delayed win

    • By this way, Check Background Intelegent Transfer Service (BITS) and make sure it is set to Automatic (delayed start).
    • Also check Cryptographic Service and make sure it is set to Automatic.

    Now, Run windows update again and see error 0x80070490 has gone.

    Method 5: Create a New Local Account with Administrator Rights

    It is one of the most working methods to get rid of update related error. You will need to create a local account with full administrator privileges. Then login into it and delete your old account. Restart your PC and try to update your windows and see if it fixes the issue.

    I hope this article will help you to fix error 0x80070490. If it doesn’t help, You can search for more solutions online. You also can share any working methods with us.