Fix Error 0x80073afc on Windows Defender

Fix Error 0x80073afc on Windows Defender

September 30, 2018 By alberto

    Windows Defender is builtin antivirus program for windows. Most of the users believe that windows defender is not enough for security. So they prefer to download other antivirus. Some users use windows defender. They may encounter an error with it. It is windows defender error 0x80073afc.

    How to Fix Error 0x80073afc on Windows Defender

    Windows defender provides you real-time protection. It starts with computer startup. But for error 0x80073afc, It can’t automatically starts with startup. When you try to start it manually, You may face error 0x80073afc with error message.

    How to Fix Windows Defender Error 0x80073afc:

    You can fix this error 0x80073afc by following methods.

    Method 1: Removing Third Party Antivirus

    If you try to use a third party antivirus and windows defender together, You may face this error 0x80073afc. Because, Any third party antivirus may conflict with windows defender. So, It is better to uninstall third party antivirus. It may fix windows defender error 0x80073afc.

    Method 2: Deleting Malicious Registry

    Malicious Registry is also responsible for error 0x80073afc. If your computer is affected with any malware or viruses, It may create malicious registry entry. That prevents antivirus to run. So it will be necessary to delete malicious registry. To do it-

    • Press Windows Logo Key + R from Keyboard.
    • Type regedit and press enter.
    • Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > Image File Execution Options.
    • Find MSASCui.exe and MpCmdRun.exe.
    • Delete them.

    If you don’t find anything like MSASCui.exe and MpCmdRun.exe, Try CCleaner to fix your registry.

    Method 3: Restoring Windows

    If you still face this error 0x80073afc, You may restore your windows to its previous restore point. To know how to restore windows, Read: Ways to Do System Restore.

    Method 4: Reset/Reinstall Windows

    You may still face windows defender error 0x80073afc. Then you can reset your system or re-install your windows. To reset your windows, Just go to update & recovery settings. Then select reset. You may require a windows installation media. If you are using windows 10, You can read this article: Fresh Windows 10 Installation