Fix Error 0x80096002 – Windows Update Standalone Installer

Fix Error 0x80096002 – Windows Update Standalone Installer

September 17, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are various errors you encounter everyday in windows operating systems. Error 0x80096002 is a very common one. It can be seen in windows 10, 8, 7 or any versions of windows. Basically, It occurs when there is something wrong in your PC configuration or core windows files or windows registries. Normally, It happens during installation process of any programs. In this article we will talk about some methods to fix error 0x80096002.

    Fix Error Windows Update Standalone Installer 0x80096002

    Normally, This error comes with the following message.

    Windows Update Standalone Installer

    Installer encountered an error: 0x80096002

    The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid is invalid or not found.

    Similar error code may come with different messages in different situation. But, There are some common solutions which can help you in most cases.

    There are some third-party programs to fix error 0x80096002. But, Most users don’t like to install any third-party program to get rid of a single problem. So, Like me, Most users prefer to fix any problems manually, If that is not a complex thing.

    How to Fix Error 0x80096002 – Windows Update Standalone Install Error:

    We will follow more than one method to resolve windows error 0x80096002. If you encounter it during updating windows, You can just restart your PC and then try to update again. Else, If you try to install 64 bit software on 32 bit PC or 32 bit to 64 bit PC, You may sometimes encounter this type of errors. So, You should check before installing anything. Anyway, Here are some methods to fix error 0x80096002.

    1. Run Troubleshooter:

    Troubleshoot is a cool feature of windows. It helps to fix common problems automatically. If you encounter error 0x80096002 during updating windows, You can run update troubleshooter. To do it, Follow these things.

    • At first, Open start menu.
    • Then, Type troubleshooting and hit Enter. It will open a new window.
    • From there, Just click on View All from the left side.
    • Then, Scroll down and find Windows Update and run that troubleshooter.

    Hopefully, This will fix error 0x80096002 related to windows update.

    2. Run Installer in Compatibility Mode:

    If you encounter this error during installing anything, You should run the installer again in compatibility mode. In most cases, This will help to complete the full installation process without facing error 0x80096002.

    To run any installer in compatibility mode, Simply right click on it and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility. Then, Follow onscreen instructions. I hope, It will help you.

    3. Fix Registry:

    Fixing registry is another good method to “fix installer encountered an error 0x80096002”. Manually, You can’t fix registry errors so easily. It will be extremely harder. So, You can use third-party programs like CCleaner to fix registry errors. This may solve error 0x80096002.

    4. Fix Corrupted System Files:

    If you still encounter this issue, You can repair corrupted system files. Because, Error 0x80096002 occurs when your windows system files are damaged or corrupted. So, It has a very good possibility to fix this problem, If you fix system files corrupted issue.

    5. Alternative Ways:

    In fact, Error 0x80096002 is really unpredictable. You may face it in different situations. So, You may have to follow different methods. It’s really hard to include everything in a single article. But, In any situation, You can simply try to do system restore. Even you may consider resetting windows to fix error 0x80096002. You also can open a thread in our forum:

    Hope something helps.