How to Fix Error 0x800f0908 in Windows 10

How to Fix Error 0x800f0908 in Windows 10

September 23, 2018 By alberto

    You can install your preferred language pack in Windows 10. Apparently, This is an excellent thing that Microsoft has made it easier in this latest windows. But, Users may face an error code 0x800f0908 while installing a language pack. It may come temporarily. But sometimes, It can stop you from installing language pack permanently. That time, You will need to fix it manually.

    error 0x800f0908 screenshot

    This error also may appear during installing speech recognition. Again, You may encounter this problem while trying to install Basic Typing and optical character recognition.

    Fix Error Code 0x800f0908

    This error code means that there is something wrong with your internet connection or network settings/configurations. So, Your first duty will be correct these settings in order to solve this issue. Let’s know how to do it.

    To fix error code 0x800f0908, You will need to check if your Wi-Fi network is set as the metered connection. Because, Most of the time, It is the main reason that causes this problem. So, Turning meter connection to off solves this problem. To do it –

    • Open Start Menu and go to Settings > Network
    • Now, Navigate to Wi-Fi > Advanced options. Just scroll down, You will get the Advanced options.
    • Now, Turn off the metered connection to solve the error 0x800f0908.

    After doing this, Try to download language pack or install speech recognition or Basic Typing and optical character recognition. I hope you won’t face the issue again. If it doesn’t work, You can reset windows update components. It may help you. To know details follow this link.

    If you still face that error, You should check your internet connection / Wi-Fi router setting. I would like to suggest you to check ping of your internet connection. A better option is, Trying from different network / Wi-Fi zone. Probably, It will fix the “error 0x800f0908”.

    It is possible that none of these work for you. In that case, You can run SFC Command or DISM command. It will fix corrupted system files automatically and solve any errors which were caused by these damaged system files.

    I hope, This article will help you. Please, Let us know, If you have any better idea to fix error 0x800f0908.