How to Fix Error 0x80240014 in Windows Store

How to Fix Error 0x80240014 in Windows Store

October 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When you try to install any app from windows store in your windows 10 or 8.x PC, You may encounter some common problems. Error 0x80240014 is one of them. Recently, So many users have reported this error. Peoples face it more when they try to install / reinstall netflix. It also may happen with any other apps. In this article, I’ll introduce some troubleshooting methods that may help to fix error 0x80240014.

    Fix Error 0x80240014 in Windows Store

    Normally, This error happens when windows fails to recognize the app installation. Luckily, You can get rid of this problem very easily.

    Fix Error 0x80240014 in Windows Store:

    We will follow several methods. But, Surely, The first one is the best solution for this error. I found it in Microsoft Community.

    1. Fix from Application Folder

    In most cases, This method fixes error 0x80240014. In fact, Your app installation may be successfully done. But, Windows store may not recognize it properly. In that case, You can see such error message. You should find it in windows universal application folder. If you open it from there, It will fix windows store error 0x80240014. Follow these instructions:

    • At first, Open RUN by pressing Win + R.
    • Now, Type shell:AppsFolder and hit Enter.
    • It will open the application folder. Find the app you were trying to install and open it. Suppose, You are trying to install Netflix. Just find it in the folder and open it. This should not have any problem. You can use this app normally and you should see it in your app list in start menu.
    • Now, Open Windows store and try reload the installation. Then, Store will recognize this app is already installed and it will remove error 0x80240014.

    2. Reset Windows Store:

    The most windows store errors should be fixed, If you reset it. If the first method doesn’t help you, I recommend try that again. If you give up, Reset windows store. To do it –

    • Open RUN.
    • Type wsreset and hit Enter.

    3. Use Troubleshooter:

    You also can use windows store app troubleshooter to fix error 0x80240014. To do it, Simply follow these things:

    • Open Start Menu and type troubleshooting and hit Enter.
    • Now, Click on View all.
    • Then, Find windows store apps and open it.
    • Follow onscreen instructions.
    • It should resolve error 0x80240014.

    If you know any additional methods, You can share in comment box.