How to Fix Update Error 0x80248007 on Windows 10


When you try to fix windows update error 0x80248007 or similar problems, you will need to be a bit technical. This article contains all instructions step by step.

Maybe, You are trying to download a critical update that comes with fixes for some security vulnerabilities on Windows 10. Or It is a major Redstone update that has come with new features. But, When you try to install it, you see an error code 0x80248007, and it keeps appearing repeatedly. This error code means there is something wrong.

Screenshot Windows Update Error 0x80248007

If the downloaded update file or any of the essential update components gets corrupted, Windows shows such error codes while downloading or installing a specific update.

Fix Update Error 0x80248007 on Windows 10

You are not only one who is facing this problem. There are thousands Windows 10 users, who have been reported about the same error code. Fortunately, You can fix it by following a few practical techniques. Let’s go through the article to know them step by step.

1. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

When you run update troubleshooter, it repairs update components and reset a few things. As a result, Windows can download or install updates smoothly. It should be the primary solution for any kind of update errors. To run it,

  • At first, Press on Win + I on the keyboard. It will open the Settings window.
  • Now, Go to Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Then, Find Windows Update, click on it and then click on Run the troubleshooter.
  • Go ahead and follow onscreen instructions.

Opening Windows Update Troubleshooter

It has an excellent chance to fix update error 0x80248007.

2. Restart Windows Installer Service

It should be your second method to get rid of this error code. Maybe, You don’t know how to restart Windows installer service. So, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Open start menu, type services.msc and hit enter.
  • In the new window, find the option Windows Installer.
  • Then, Right click on it and choose Restart. If you see the restart option is grayed, just click on Start.

Now, Try to update Windows. You should not face the problem anymore.

3. Reset Software Distribution Folder

When you download an update file, Windows stores some components in SoftwareDistribution folder. If these get corrupted, you will see various error codes in the update window. If you delete software distribution folder, Windows will automatically recreate it and the components. So, Deleting this folder sometimes helps to troubleshoot Windows update errors. But, I suggest you rename it instead of deleting so that you can restore it when you need. To do it,

  • First of all, Open start menu, type cmd, right click on the command prompt and choose Run as administrator.
  • Then, Run the following commands.

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc

net stop bits

net stop msiserver

ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

net start wuauserv

net start cryptSvc

net start bits

net start msiserver

After that, Try to update again. It should solve update error 0x80248007. If it fails, follow the method 1. It will fix your problem.

4. Reset Catroot2 Folder

Catroot2 is another important folder where Windows stores update components. You also should reset it if you still encounter the error. Read: how to reset catroo2 folder.

5. Direct Download and Install the Update File

If the problem keeps repeating, you can skip Windows Update error 0x80248007 by doing a trick. Instead of the automatic update, you can do it manually. If it is a major update like spring creators update, go to Microsoft Website and download the Windows 10 upgrade assistant. Now, Run it on your PC and install update from it.

If it is a cumulative update, go here: and find specific update like KB4093110. Then, Download and install manually.

These are the best ways to fix update error 0x80248007. You may know other effective ways to resolve this problem. If you want to share, do it in the comment box.


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