Error 0x803f7000 in Windows Store – How to Fix

Error 0x803f7000 in Windows Store – How to Fix

September 22, 2018 By kirsten

    It will make you upset, When you see that you can’t download any apps from windows store. But recently, Some users have reported a windows store error. That is error 0x803f7000. After upgrading to windows 10, Many users have been facing this problem.

    Screenshot of Error 0x803f7000

    When you try to install any app from window store, You may encounter error 0x803f7000. It appears with following message ‘Something went wrong. The error code is 0x803f7000, in case you need it‘. I’ve already shared some errors and solutions related to windows store. The previous one was server stumbled error 0x801901F7. But now you will know the reasons of error 0x803f7000 & its solutions.

    Reasons of Error 0x803f7000:

    Before knowing solutions, It’s better to know the reasons. Error 0x803f7000 may have following reasons.

    1. Incorrect date & time.
    2. Incorrect Region.
    3. Windows store cache.
    4. Windows store server overloaded.
    5. Pirated Windows.

    How to Fix Windows Store Error 0x803f7000:

    After knowing the reasons, You may guess the solutions. Yes. Error 0x803f7000 can be fixed by following methods.

    Method 1: Correcting Date & Time

    If you see your date and time is incorrect, You should fix it immediately. It may fix error 0x803f7000. To change your PC date & time –

    • Go to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region.
    • Then click on Date & Time.
    • Now click on Change date & time to correct your time.
    • Click on Change time zone to correct your region.

    Method 2: Correcting Your Region

    Incorrect region may also cause error 0x803f7000. So check if it. If you see it is set to incorrect region, Correct it. To do it-

    • Navigate to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region.
    • Then click on Region.
    • Then click on Location tab.
    • Now set your actual region from Home location section.
    • Click Apply & OK.

    Method 3: Resetting Windows Store

    Resetting Windows Store may also solve error 0x803f7000. To reset windows store, Follow the instructions below.

    • Open Command Prompt as Administrator. You can press Windows Flag Key + X from your keyboard. Then select Command Prompt (Admin). It will launch Command prompt as administrator.
    • Then type wsreset and press Enter.
    • Wait for a few seconds. It will automatically open Windows Store.
    • Then try to download any apps.

    I hope, All of the methods will work for you. But if you know any better solutions for error 0x803f7000, You can share with us.