How to Fix Error 0xcaa70004 of Mail App in Windows 10

How to Fix Error 0xcaa70004 of Mail App in Windows 10

October 6, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The built-in mail app of windows 10 is a very good option. Many peoples are using it as their primary solution for PC. But, Sometimes it really can disappoint you with some bugs. Error 0xcaa70004 is one of them. Though, It is a very new error that peoples have started to encounter around the world. But, You can fix error 0xcaa70004 very easily.

    error 0xcaa70004 screenshot how to fix it

    This mail app sync error will show you the following message:

    Something went wrong
    We’re sorry, but we weren’t able to do that
    Error code: 0xcaa70004

    Actually, It may not be a problem of mail app. It can be a result of internet connection problems or any other issues of your PC. Specially, Wrong proxy configuration, DNS issue, third party programs, local ISP problem etc. are mainly responsible for this problem.

    Users who face this problem can also get another error “account settings are out-of-date”. Anyway, We will discuss about that one in another article.

    How to Fix Error 0xcaa70004 in Windows 10 Mail App:

    A few days ago, I encountered this error. I thought it was an issue with my windows system files. Anyway, I’ve found some good solutions that also can help you.

    Disable Security Programs Temporarily:

    When you encounter such problems, Your first step should be turning off security programs temporarily. Because, Security programs specially firewall may block internet traffic between mail app and the mail server. As a result, You may encounter problem. So, You can expect that disabling firewall may fix error 0xcaa70004.

    Reset Proxy Settings:

    There is another good solution. You can reset your proxy settings to default. It may save you, If your problem was caused by wrong proxy configuration.

    • You can press Win + I.
    • Then, Navigate to Network & Internet > Proxy.
    • Now, Set “Automatically detect settings” to on and “Use setup script” to off.

    Update Network Drivers:

    Well, As it is a network related error, You should check for latest update of network adapters. To know, How to do it, Read this article.

    Use Network Troubleshooter:

    Right click on Network icon in taskbar and choose Troubleshoot problems. Then, Follow on screen instructions. Sometimes, It may fix windows 10 mail app error 0xcaa70004 and other network related problems.

    Disable VPN Client:

    If you have VPN software installed in your PC, Just completely uninstall it. Then see, If it fixes error 0xcaa70004.

    Check from Different Network:

    Sometimes, Your current internet bandwidth provider may experience trouble with mail server temporarily. It will cause error like 0xcaa70004. So, You can try to sync email using windows 10 mail app from a different network. Then see if it fixes the problem. If yes, You can contact with ISP to get support.

    Repair System Files:

    In most cases, You won’t need to follow this method to “fix mail app error 0xcaa70004”. Because, Previous methods are more than enough. But, If you still encounter this problem, Just follow these things.

    • Press Win + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Type the following command and hit enter.

    sfc /scannow

    I hope, It will help you to fix error 0xcaa70004 in mail app of windows 10. If you know better solution, You can let me know by comment.