How to Fix Unknown Error 110 Play Store

How to Fix Unknown Error 110 Play Store

August 19, 2018 By kirsten

    Google Play Store errors are nightmare for android users. I shared some common errors related to android & play store. Today, You will know about another error that may totally stop you to install or update any apps. It is error 110. You may see an error message in popup. That is –

    "Unknown error code during application install:-110"

    Some users may not face this problem. But many samsung smartphone users have encountered this error 110 during installing apps from google play store. Else, I heard this similar complain from HTC and Symphony users. That means, This problem may appear on your phone too. So, It is a very good idea to know the fixes.

    play store error 110 screenshot

    What Causes Play Store Unknown Error Code 110:

    Actually, It is tough to point out the specific reasons. But probably, These are the reasons –

    • Hardware incompatibility.
    • Android version incompatibility.
    • Custom ROM.
    • Network Problem.

    If you use custom ROMs, You will have more chance to face this issue. Again, The users who recently upgraded their OS version to newer one may face this problem. For example, If you have Android 4.4 Kitkat and upgrad to 5.0 Lollipop or 5.0 to 6.0 Marshmallow, You will have more chance to face this problem. It is because, Your hardware may not compatible with your OS version.

    How to Fix Google Play Store Error 110:

    To get rid of this android error, I found several working methods. I hope, These will help you to fix error 110.

    Method 1: Refresh Google Play Store

    At first, You can try to clear your play store’s cache and data. It will restore it to the default stage. To do it –

    • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Now tap on Force Stop.
    • Then, Tap on Clear Cache & Clear Data.
    • Do the same thing for Google Play Services.
    • Now, Install or update that app and see if it fixes unknown error code 110.

    You also can try to uninstall recent play store app update. Then try and see what happens. To do it- Just open Play store from apps like before. Then tap on Uninstall Updates.

    Method 2: Use Access Root Folder

    Every android phones has File Manager. But it doesn’t allow users to access root folders. There are few apps that allow you to access root folders. You can find and install any of them from Google Play Store. After installing the app, Follow these instructions –

    • Go to SD card directory > ” data/data ” folder.
    • Now, You will see all the files and folders related to the apps that are installed or tried to install on your phone. Just find the file or folder related to the culprit app and delete it.
    • Now update or install the app from google play store.

    Hope, It will fix the problem.

    Method 3: Install App Manually to Bypass Unknown Error 110

    It is a very good method to install any app that shows error in Google’s app store. You will just need the .apk file of that app. You can find it by searching on google. After downloading it, Open it and install. But you may require to allow app installations from third-party source.

    Enable App Installation from Unknown Source:

    To do it, Follow these instructions –

    • Go to Settings > Security.
    • Now mark, Unknown Sources.
    • Done.

    Method 4: Factory Reset

    Any of these 3 methods must work. But, If none of them help you, You can try to reset your android phone. But before it, Backup your files and data. It may fix the error 110.

    These are the possible best methods to fix unknown error code 110.