Fix Bluestacks Error 2318 While Installing / Uninstalling

Fix Bluestacks Error 2318 While Installing / Uninstalling

August 28, 2018 By alberto

    There is no doubt that Bluestacks is your first choice to run android app in your PC. It is an excellent app player indeed. But, Sometimes, Some terrible errors can interrupt you badly. In past, I have shared several bluestacks errors. Today, You are going to know about another one and its solution. It is error 2318. This problem mainly appear during uninstalling or installing bluestacks. But, You can fix it easily, If you want.

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    Why Bluestacks Error Code 2318:

    Well, Every problem must have reasons. It also has. Normally, It can be caused by registry problems. If you had previously installed bluestacks and you just deleted it manually instead of uninstalling from control panel, You may see error 2318 during uninstalling it from control panel or installing it again. Else, Virus or malware may cause this problem. Sometimes, You may see bluestacks in add or remove program list. Because that was not uninstalled correctly. It is also a reason behind this error.

    How to Fix BlueStacks Error 2318:

    Actually, It is not a big deal. You can easily fix bluestacks error 2318 by following a few steps. Here are they.

    Fix Registry:

    At first, You will have to fix registry problems that is causing this error. It is really easy to do. There are a few popular registry fixer that can help you. But, You can try ccleaner. It is free and works like pro. But, If you don’t want to do it with any third-party programs, You can do it by yourself.

    • First of all, Press Win + R from keyboard.
    • Type, regedit and hit enter.
    • Now, Press CTRL + F from kayboard and type bluestacks. Delete everything all registry of bluestacks.
    • Make sure, You have deleted bluestacks from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall too.

    Caution: Don’t forget to backup registry before doing the above steps.

    • After, Doing it, In Add or Remove Programs window, You will no longer see Bluestacks (If you have one that was not uninstalled correctly). That means, You can install bluestack now without facing error 2318.

    Install / Uninstall Bluestacks in Clean Boot Environment:

    It is an excellent way to fix bluestacks error 2318. For many users, It works fine. So, You can perform clean boot and install or uninstall this app player. It should work. If still fails, You can follow next methods.

    Note: Don’t forget to return in normal mode by reversing the clean boot process.

    Restart Windows Installer:

    Sometimes, There may be any issue with windows installer. It may cause many installation errors. In that case, Restarting this service can help. Sometimes, This service may be stopped for any reason. That time, There is more chance to encounter like error 2318. You can restart this service very easily. Here are instructions.

    • Open Command Prompt as administrator. Windows 8, 8.1 and windows 10 users can press Win + X from keyboard and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now, Type the following commands and hit enter for each.
    net stop msiserver
    net start msiserver
    • Then, Try to install or uninstall bluestacks and see if you face the problem again.

    Fix Virus / Malware Problem to Resolve Bluestacks Error 2318:

    Sometimes, Virus or any malicious programs or services can cause this type of errors. I would like to suggest you to scan your PC with a good antivirus and remove any malicious programs. It will help you to get error 2318 resolved.