How to Fix Error 24 While Installing App from Play Store

How to Fix Error 24 While Installing App from Play Store

October 25, 2018 By kirsten

    If you are facing error -24 while installing or updating any app from play store in android phone, Don’t worry. There are easy and simple solutions. So, You can easily fix error 24.

    Before knowing about the solutions, You should know why error -24 is bugging you during app installation. Actually, Users face this problem when they try to re-install any app or install an app which was installed in their smartphone before. It is because of containing a package folder of previous app in data/data folder.

    How to Fix Error 24 in Google Play Store:

    Unfortunately, There are not too many ways to get rid of this problem. But, All methods are effective and work in mos of the times. In this article, You will know about three ways to repair unknown error 24 in android.

    1. Delete App Package Folder:

    When you previously uninstalled the app you are trying install, Google play store might not remove all files and folders related to that app. So, You will have to delete that folder manually in order to fix error 24. Here are instructions:

    • First of all, You will have to install a root browser app in your mobile. My favorite one is root browser by JRummy Apps Inc. Here is the play store link:
    • Now, Open this app and go to this directory: Android/Data/Data/
    • Find the folder of that app and delete. Suppose, You are facing unknown error 24 while installing whatsapp. So, You will need to find the folder com.whatsapp and delete it.
    • Now, Try to install your desired app. It should fix error 24.

    2. Clearing Cache, Data / Uninstall Play Store Update:

    This is another solution. You can clear cache and data of play store. You also can uninstall the update of play store and try to install your app. It may fix unknown error 24 while installing android app. Here are instructions.

    • In your android phone, Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
    • You also can tap on Uninstall Updates.
    • Now, Check, If it fixes error 24.

    3. Reset Your Phone:

    If these two methods fail, You will have only one option in hand. That is “Resetting android phone”. Resetting will clean and restore everything to defaults. So, It has a very good chance to repair error 24. To reset your phone, Go to Settings > Backup & Reset and then tap on Reset Phone.

    Let me know, If it helps or not.