How to Fix Error 413 in Play Store

How to Fix Error 413 in Play Store

September 4, 2018 By alberto

    The error code 413 is a sign of several issues. It may appear on any devices. Specially, Android users may face this error 413 during installing app from play store. In this article, I’ll describe about this problem and the reasons behind it. You will also know how to fix it.

    screenshot error 413

    Symptoms and Reasons Behind Error 413:

    This error basically appear during  installing or updating any app with the message “Unable to download application because an error occurred (413)“. This error code also can be appeared with this message “*App Name* could not be downloaded due to an error (413)“. Most of the time, It interrupts you when you try to install or update using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi. Proxy users face it more frequently. Anyway, Here are the reasons behind it –

    • Using Proxy Network.
    • Corrupted Cache and data.
    • Slow or problematic internet connection.

    There may be some other reasons.

    Fix Error 413 While Installing / Updating App from Google Play Store:

    If you face this error, Your first duty is restarting your phone. If you are lucky, It should resolve the problem. If not, Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Clear Cache & Data

    This is a common and first method to get rid of any play store or app installation error in android. Just, Clear your play store cache and date. To do it –

    • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
    • Do the same thing for Google Play Framework.
    • Now, Try to install app from play store again and see if you face the problem again.

    Method 2: Clear Proxy to Fix Error 413

    The users who use proxy to connect internet can encounter this problem more. So, If you are using it, You should delete the proxy setting and then try to install or update the app and see if it works.

    To clear proxy –

    • Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Access point names.
    • Open your APN and clear the proxy from there.
    • Restart your Phone and try to install app again and see if you are still facing the error code 413.

    Method 3: Use Different Internet Connection

    If you are using mobile data to update or install app, You can try by using Wi-Fi. It should work. Again, If you use VPN, Try to install from normal network by not using VPN. I’m sure it will work to fix error 413.

    Method 4: Check Internet Connection

    If your internet connection is very slow and problematic, You may face this error. So, Check your internet connection and fix the problems. You also can upgrade your internet plan to high speedy plans to avoid error 413 or any similar errors.