How to Fix Error 491 in Google Play Store

How to Fix Error 491 in Google Play Store

September 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Some one asked me about error 491 in comment section of a post. I assured him to publish a solution of android error 491. First of all sorry for late. Anyway, lets know about this error. Error 491 is a play store error. I told you in my previous articles that most of the android errors are play store error. And most of the time, users face play store errors during downloading or updating apps. And error 491 is also same. When you try to install or update an app, you may face this error 491. Anyway, its time to know the solutions.

    How to Fix Error 491 in Google Play Store

    How to Fix Error 491 in Google Play Store:

    Error 491 solution is almost same like other play store errors. First of all, you should delete unnecessary apps and files from your phone memory or SD Card. If that doesn’t solve your problem, You can fix this error by following two methods.

    Method 1: Clear Cache & Data

    Error 491 may be fixed by clearing your cache and data. To do it –

    Go to Settings > Applications > All.

    Now select Google Play Store.

    Then clear cache and data.

    Now restart your phone.

    Hopefully, after clearing cache and data, error 491 will be fixed.

    Method 2: Reset Current Account

    Sometimes method 1 may not work for you. Then you can follow this method to fix error 491. You just need to delete your account and add it again. To do it –

    Go to  Settings > Accounts > Google

    Now delete your current google account.

    Then add it again.

    Now reboot your device.

    I hope it will fix error 491.

    Alternative Method:

    Sometimes method 1 and method 2 failed to fix error 491 of google play store. Then what you will do. Yes. There are still some alternative ways to fix this error. First of all, you can clear all of your apps cache and data. If it doesn’t work, you can reset your phone. Resetting your phone may erase all of your data. So think before doing it.

    I think all of the methods will help you to fix annoying android error 491.

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