How To Fix Error 492 In Play Store


Android is the most popular operating system of smartphone and tablets. There are a huge number of android users all over the world. Google play store is the trusted apps store for android. So almost 100% users prefer google play store as their 1st app store. But sometimes error 492 appears in google play. It is just a nightmare for android users. Error 492 in google play store is a very common problem. So you should know how to fix error 492.

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What problems you will face for error 492:

We all know the importance of keeping update our smartphone or tablets. When you see that important updates are available, you should update your device soon. But then if you face error 492 in google play store, what will you do? Even when you try to update your apps, error 492 may occurred. It may appear during installing an app too. So guess it’s a nightmare. So we need to know the solution.

Reasons Of Error 492:

There can be some reasons for error 492 in your android device. These are Cache problem, SD Card problem, Play Store Account problem and problem with specific app.

How To Fix Error 492:

There can be some solutions for error 492. Let’s know these solutions.

Method-1: Clear Cache

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Find and open Google Play store.
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Do the same thing for Google Play Services and Google Services Framework.
  • If you are encountering the error code 492 during updating any app, You should clear cache and data for that app too.

If there is cache problem and that is the reason of error 492, it will fix this error.

Method-2: Reinstall App.

If your error 492 is still seen after clearing cache, Uninstall that specific app and reinstall it from a fresh APK file or google play store.. I hope it will fix your problem.

Method-3: Clear Dalvik Cache

The users who have root access can try this method. To do it –

  • Download and install an root browser in your phone.
  • By that browser, Navigate to /data/Dalvik cache and delete everything from that folder.
  • Restart your phone and see the error has been fixed.

Method-4: Format SD Card to Fix Error 492

If error 492 is occurred in your app and your app is installed on your SD Card. Just Backup your important data and format it. Then download the app again and install. If your SD card is the reason of error 492, it can be a solution. If it sill fails, Try to move or install you app in phone memory.

Hopefully these three methods can fix error 492. But if anyone know any effective solution of error 492 in android, then you can tell others by comment.