How To Fix Error 492 in Google Play Store

How To Fix Error 492 in Google Play Store

October 21, 2018 By alberto

    Are you encountering the error 492 while updating or installing an android app from Google play store? In this post, You will get the most practical solutions to fix this android error.

    Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones. There are a massive number of users using this platform. So, You are not alone who is experiencing this play store error. Many other users are also looking for a solution to fix error 492.

    The reasons behind this issue are unclear. But, In most cases, Corrupted cache, data, low memory and storage problem can cause this error. People who use old or budget-friendly smartphone face this problem more. Many Huawei, Xiaomi, Low-end Samsung, LG smartphone users have reported about this error.

    This problem is like error 927 and 504. It can be a nightmare for the users. Because sometimes it keeps appearing repeatedly. But, Don’t worry. You can get rid of this problem easily.

    Screenshot Google Play Store Error 492 on Android Phone

    Fix Error 492 on Play Store in Android

    There is no particular method as the reasons can be different for different cases. So, You should follow these solutions to solve this problem. Any of them will work. Before that, You should restart your phone to see if it works.

    Method 1: Clear Cache and Data

    When you encounter an error in Play Store while updating or installing any app, you should clear its cache and data. Sometimes, It can fix play store error 492 or similar issues. Here are the instructions.

    • At first, Go to Settings > Apps/Applications.
    • Now, Find and tap on Google Play store.
    • Then, Tap on Force StopClear Cache and Clear Data. If you don’t see the clear cache or data options, tap on Storage.

    clear play store cache android

    • By the way, Do the same thing for Google Play Services and Google Services Framework. If you are trying to update an app, you should force stop, clear cache and data for that app too.

    If the corrupted cache and data is the problem, it will fix the error.

    Method 2: Reinstall App.

    You already know that the problem can appear both when you try to install or update an app from play store. If you encounter it while updating, you should uninstall the app and then re-install it. Hopefully, It will repair error 492.

    Method 3: Uninstall Play Store Update

    Every update comes with various improvement and error fixes. But, Sometimes it goes wrong. If you have started encountering android error right after a recent update of Google Play Store, you should uninstall that update. It may fix error 492 or similar problems. To do it,

    • First of all, Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Now, Find “Uninstall updates” option and tap on it. If you don’t see it, tap on three vertical dot icon.

    Now, Restart your phone and see if it fixes the problem.

    Method 4: Re-Add Google Account

    This one is another excellent way to get rid of this issue. To delete and re-add Google account, follow these instructions.

    • At first, Go to Settings > Accounts > Google. Different phones may have different ways to go there. You will need to figure it out.
    • By the way, Remove your google account and restart your phone.
    • After that, Add the google account again.

    Now, Try to install or update the problematic app. It may fix error 492 on play store.

    Method 5: Clear Dalvik Cache

    The users who have root access can try this method. To do it –

    • At first, Download and install a root browser in your phone.
    • By that browser, Navigate to /data/Dalvik cache and delete everything from that folder.
    • Restart your phone and see it has fixed the error.

    Method 6: Format SD Card

    If the error occurs for an app which is installed on the SD Card, you may consider formatting it. But, Before that, You should Backup your valuable data.

    After that, Download and install the app again. I hope it will fix error 492 on play store while updating an app.

    These are the most working solutions to get rid of this problem. But, If these fail, you may do some other things. In case, You have root access; you may install an app called something like “Cache Fixer.” In various forums, I saw some users had claimed that it fixed the error 492 for them.

    By the way, You may know any other excellent method that can help other users. If yes, you can share it in the comment box.