How To Fix Play Store Error 498 on Android Phone

How To Fix Play Store Error 498 on Android Phone

October 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When you try to download/install any android app from google plays tore, it may fail by showing you the error 498. This article explains how to fix it and why this error occurs.

    HD Screenshot of Play Store Error 498 on Android Phone

    The main reason behind this error is corrupted cache or low cache partition size on your android device. In fact, High-end modern smartphone users don’t encounter this error 498 usually. When you try to download a bit larger app, you face this error. When you meet this issue, you see any of the following messages:

    “App Name” couldn’t be downloaded due to an error. (498)


    Error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server.

    Sometimes, This error may appear every time you try to install anything. But, Don’t worry. There are solutions.

    Fix Play Store Error 498 on Android Phone

    When we tried to find the best solutions that solve this google play store problem, we got the following methods.

    1. Clear Cache:

    It should be your first solution. Because, In many cases, the problem appears temporarily and clearing play store cache fixes error 498.

    To clear cache,

    • At first, Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.
    • Now, Tap on force stop.clear play store cache android
    • Then, Find the buttons “Clear Cache” & “Clear Data”. You may find them easily or you will need to tap on storage to see them. After that tap on both of these buttons.
    • It will clear everything and fix the google play error.

    Note: Different Android phones may have different options to reach clear cache button. You will just need to figure it out wisely.

    2. Use WiFi/Mobile Data:

    Sometimes we may face error 498 while downloading with the cellular data. So try to download with WiFi. If it appears while using WiFi, you can use mobile data to download. It should fix the problem if the network connectivity is a reason behind it.

    3. Add New Account:

    To fix play store error 498, you also may need to use a new Google account. According to a few people, it is a very useful solution. By the way, To add new Google account, Simply go to settings > Accounts. Then, Find relevant options and add your new google account.

    Then, Go to play store, use the new account and try to download your desired app. Hopefully, It will work.

    4. Re-Install Google Play:

    If there is a problem with your google play store app. Just remove it and install again. I hope it can be your solution. But, It is not possible in a non-rooted device.

    5. Clear Dalvik Cache

    It can be another way to troubleshoot play store error 498. For some users, clearing Dalvik cache may work. If you don’t know how to do it, follow these steps.

    • First of all, Download any root browser app from Google Play Store.
    • Then, Open it and go to Data > davlik-cache.
    • Now, Delete everything from this directory.

    I hope it will work.

    6. Clear Cache Partition

    It is another excellent solution to repair error 498. But, This method can be a bit tricky. Here are some possible instructions that you can follow.

    • First of all, Turn off your android phone.
    • Then, Press and hold power + volume down button. For some smartphones, it can be volume up button. But, You should try both to see which one is correct for your android device.
    • Now, You may see a screen where you will see something like boot loader and other options. This time, release the buttons.
    • Select bootloader or similar option using volume up down key and power button to choose. It will restart the phone and lead you to a new window.
    • Now, You may see wipe cache partition or similar option. Just select it and process.

    It will delete the cache on the partition and also fix google play store error 498.

    Else, There can be other solutions. But, These sixes are the best you will find everywhere.

    To fix error 498 on your Google play store, you may use your method. But, You can let me know which one has worked for you.