How To Fix Error 498 on Google Play Store


Now days many android users are facing a problem while they are downloading any apps from Google play store. That problem is ‘Error 498’. “Error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server” is the worst matter for android lovers. Now it’s time to fix this error. Let’s know how to fix error 498 on Google play store.


At first we have to know why we may face error 498.

It may cause, if we try to download larger apps then our device’s catch partition.  Another possible reason is when we try to download any apps that’s under maintenance, then we may face 498.

Steps To Fix Error 498:

  1. Clear Cache:

Cache is the possible problem. So you need to clear cache. To clear cache go to Setting>Application>Manage Applications>Select Google Play Store> Clear Data & Clear Cache. If cache is the problem for error 498, it will fix it.

  1. Add New Account:

If there is a problem with your google account, it will fix the problem. To add new account go to Setting>Accounts>Add New Account> Select Google> Enter Email> Done. Now try to download app. I hope you won’t face error 498.

  1. Use Wifi:

Sometimes we may face error 498 for downloading with cellular network. So try to download with WiFi. It may be a solution.

  1. Re-Install Google Play:

If there is a problem with your google play store app. Just remove it and install again. I hope it can be your solution

  1. Connect With PC:

Connect your android phone with your PC via USA Data Cable. Then download any apps from google play store by PC. It will install on your Android Phone.

Yes. These are the possible solution to fix error 498 on your Google play store. If you know another useful and effective solution, you can inform us via comment.