How to Fix Error 501 in Google Play Store

How to Fix Error 501 in Google Play Store

October 19, 2018 By alberto

    During updating or installing any apps from play store in your android phone, Users may face error 501. This may happen for any apps. But, People frequently report this problem for YouTube app. Many users including me faced this problem while updating official YouTube app. It was really hard to fix error 501. But, I could solve my issue after trying so many methods.

    How to Fix Error 501 in Google Play Store while Updating Android App

    Normally, When you face play store error -501 while updating YouTube, You will see a message like this –

    “YouTube” can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -501)”

    There may be another app name instead of YouTube depend. It can be Facebook, Evernote, Messenger etc.

    After searching and reading so many forum threads, I’ve found that different methods worked for different users. So, In this article, You will know about several methods that can resolve error 501 while updating any app.

    How to Fix Error 501 While Updating or Installing Android App:

    I have not found any specific reasons that cause this problem. But, I guess that this problem occurs when your downloaded package file is corrupted. Anyway, To fix error 501 in play store, You will have to follow these methods.

    1. Re-Install App:

    Error code 501 can be fixed by re-installing the problematic app. If your app is pre-installed and can’t be uninstalled, You can simply restore it to factory default version. This is pretty simple to do. For pre-installed app, You won’t get uninstall option. Instead of this, You will get something like “Uninstall update”. Anyway, After doing these things, Restart your phone and try to update your app. It should “fix error 501”. Anyway, Here are the instructions.

    • Navigate to Settings > Apps > All.
    • Now, Find your app or the package name like or something else and tap on it.
    • Now, Touch on Uninstall.

    2. Clear Cache and Data or Uninstall Play Store Update:

    Sometimes, Clearing cache and data of play store, play services, play framework and the problematic app can help you to get rid of error code 501. So, You should do it without thinking anything.

    • Like Before, Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Now, Find Google Play Store, Google Play Service, Google Play Framework and the problematic app.
    • Tap on any item and then tap on, Clear Cache and Clear Data. Do it for all apps i have mentioned above.

    Now, Try to install or update app. You should not see error 501 any more. If you still get same error code, You can tap on uninstall update from Settings > Apps > Google Play Store. Then try again.

    3. Reset App Preferences:

    This is another method that you will find in many forums and many peoples claims that it may fix error 501 in android. So, You can reset app preferences of your device. To do this, Just Go to Settings > Apps. Then, Tap on three dot and choose Reset app preferences.

    4. Update or Install from .apk File:

    I know, You may not want to install or update app by apk files from third-party sources. But, If you kinda stubborn to update or install that specific app, This can be a way to do that without facing error 501. For latest .apk files of your desired app, You can search on google. Anyway, You may need to check Unknown sources from Settings > Security before installing anything from third-party sources.

    5. Wipe Cache Partition

    Wiping cache partition is another cool solution to resolve error code 501 while updating or installing any android app. You can turn off your phone. Then, Press and hold Vol Up+Down+Power Button until you see the boot option in screen. Then, Go to there and find clear cache partition option. Then, Clear it. Normally, You can use volume up and down button to navigate and use power button as action button. Different devices come with different option. You should know it before doing these things.

    6. Hard Reset:

    In most cases, You may have to attempt resetting your smartphone to fix error 501 in android. Because, It has become one of the most annoying problem for some users. Specially, It is happening for youtube app more and majority of peoples have fixed this by resetting their smartphones. So, You also can do it. But, Don’t forget to backup your important content. To reset your phone, Simply go to Settings > Backup & Reset and choose relevant options.

    Unfortunately, A very few peoples still face error 501 after resetting their device. I hope, You won’t be one of them. Anyway, I’ll try to update this article with more working methods to fix error code 501, If i find any.