How To Fix Error 504 On Android


Hello Android users! Today my post is about error 504. You will learn how to fix error 504 on Google play store in android phone. Other smartphone users are also welcome to learn this vital solution. Almost 81% of smartphone users are using android. Sometimes, They face some problems like the errors like error 504, error 498, error 492 etc. I have already discussed about other errors. So it’s time to learn the solution how to fix error 504.

error 504

In fact it’s an error which may appear in Google Play Store when you try to install any app. Specially, During installing facebook app, This error appears more frequently. Normally you can turn your phone into airplane mood for a minute. Then restart your phone and turn off airplane mood. It may work for you. You also should close all apps before installing that app from play store. This time, You successfully install it. If it doesn’t work, you can follow some methods to fix error 504.

How To Fix Error 504 On Android:

Don’t worry. I’ll give you some effective methods to solve error 504. Those methods worked for 99.9% users.

Method-1: Clear Cache & Data

First of all go to Setting>Application Manager>Google Play Store. Now tap on Force Stop. Then tap on Clear Data and at last tap on Clear Cache. Do the same thing for Google Play Framework and Play Services. Now try to install that app again. Most probably you won’t face error 504 again.

Method-2: Re-add Google Account to Fix Error 504 on Android

At this method at first you need to go to Setting>Accounts>Google Account. Now Remove Account. Then you should do like method-1. I mean you have to clear data and cache. Now go to Setting>Accounts>Google Account again. Now Add New Account. At last restart your phone or tab. Now try to install the app again and see if there is error 504. Hopefully it will work to solve error 504.

Method-3: Try from Different Network

Sometimes, Bad internet connection can cause this error. So, I recommend you to try from different Wi-Fi zone or cellular network. I hope, It will work. You also can install any VPN app and access USA network. Then try to install app. Many users found this trick helpful. So, It has a very good possibility to work.

These are most successful trick to solve this error 504. But you also can follow this trick. Turn off your data connection for a moment approximately 80 Seconds. Now turn your data connection On. And now try to install the app again.

Alternative Way to Fix Error 504 During Installing App:

You may only encounter this problem when you try to install any specific app from play store. In that case, You can try to install it from different app store. You also can try to install it directly form apk file. You can search for the latest apk file for that app in google and install from it. I hope, It may help you.

These are the solutions for error code 504. If you know any better method, You can share with us.