How to Fix Error 504 on Google Play Store

How to Fix Error 504 on Google Play Store

September 17, 2018 By kirsten

    While installing your favorite android app from play store, you may encounter some problems. Here, You will find some tips to fix error 504 on play store.

    Have you already encountered this error? Maybe, yes. That’s why you are here. You may have found an impressive application while browsing play store. But, When you have tried to download that app, it has shown you some random error codes. Error code 504 is very common among them. When this error appears, you may see the following message:

    “App Name” can’t be installed/updated. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -504)

    It’s pretty annoying, right? Don’t worry. You have already got solutions for error code 498, 927, etc. from me. Now, You are about to get some tips to get relieved from it.

    Screenshot Error -504 on Play Store

    How to Fix Error 504 on Play Store in Android Phone

    Here are some of the most common solutions on how to solve the error code 504.

    You can turn on airplane mode for a few minutes and turn it off. Then, Try to install the app again. If it doesn’t work, restart your android device. It may fix the problem. If you are trying to install using mobile data, try Wi-Fi or vice versa.

    If these basic troubleshooting steps don’t work, follow these methods to fix error 504 on google play store.

    Method-1: Clear Cache & Data

    If somehow play store cache gets corrupted, you may face some weird problem with it. So, Clearing cache and data is a good idea.

    • First of all, go to Setting > Application Manager > Google Play Store.
    • Now tap on Force Stop.
    • Then tap on Clear Data and at last tap on Clear Cache. Sometimes, These options may not available here. In that case, Find the storage option and tap on that.
    • Do the same thing for Google Play Framework and Play Services. Now try to install that app again.

    It should fix error -504.

    Method-2: Re-add Google Account

    It is another possible solution to resolve the play store error. You can re-add your google account and see if it works. Here are the instructions.

    • First of all, Go to Setting>Accounts>Google Account.
    • Now Remove Account. Then you should do like method 1. I mean you have to clear data and cache.
    • Then, Restart your android phone.
    • Now go to Setting > Accounts > Google Account again.
    • Add New or existing Google account.
    • Now, Go to play store and see if you can install the app without facing error 504 or not.

    Method-3: Try from Different Network

    Sometimes, Bad internet connection can cause this error. So, I recommend you to try from different Wi-Fi zone or cellular network. I hope It will work. You also can install any VPN app and access a different network. Then try to install the app. It may fix play store error 504.

    These are most successful trick to solve this error. But, If these don’t work, you can try another cool trick to bypass this play store error -504.

    Alternative Way to Fix Error 504 During Installing App:

    You may only encounter this problem when you try to install any specific app from play store. In that case, You can try to install it from a different app store. Amazon app store can be ideal for it.

    You also have another option. There are some trusted sources to download original APK file. You can download the APK from there and install the app from it. It should fix error 504. Another thing, you can try is to install the Old version of the Android app.

    These are the solutions for error code 504. If you know any better method, You can share with us.