How to Fix Error 800704CF Easily

How to Fix Error 800704CF Easily

August 7, 2018 By kirsten

    Windows users may face several common errors. Even, Its phone version users may face similar problem. Windows 10 mobile has come. But there are still so many windows phone 8.1 users. Sometimes, They may encounter a sync error. That is 800704CF. You may see a message that your windows phone 8 or 8.1 can’t sync with cloud. This error can be appeared in your desktop PC too. This is a serious issue. But its solution is very easy.

    What is Erro 800704CF:

    Actually, This is a microsoft account related error. So, You may face it in your PC or phone. Specially, in mobile and outlook app this problem is seen more. When your phone or PC can’t connect with your microsoft account, It may show this error code. This problem only arise when your device time and region settings don’t match with MS server. Even it can be your ISP issue. Anyway, Repairing this problem is very easy.

    How to Fix Error 800704CF:

    These are the best working methods –

    Method 1: Correct Time & Region Setting

    It is very easy.

    • Just go to Settings > Date + Time.
    • Now, Correct your time & zone. But i recommend you to set them all automatically.

    If you are desktop user who is facing error code 800704CF, You have to correct your time & date from control panel.

    • Just go to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region.
    • Here you will have the all necessary options.

    Method 2: Try Manual Sync

    It is rare that changing time & zone doesn’t work. But if it really happens, Follow these instructions –

    • Go to Settings > email + accounts.
    • Tap on Microsoft Account and hold.
    • Now tap on Sync.

    This manual synchronization will fix error 800704CF.

    Method 3: Correct Region / Location

    I’m 99.99% sure that first two methods will solve the error. But if these don’t work, Follow it.

    • Just go to Settings > Region.
    • Now set the correct region.

    PC user can change their region from Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region.

    Method 4: Deleting / Adding Microsoft Account

    If you still fail to fix the error 800704CF, You have to delete your microsoft account and add it again to your PC or mobile.

    Method 5: Changing Network

    Sometimes, This problem can be appeared for network problem. So, Try from different network / Wi-Fi. If it solves your problem, Contact to your local ISP and explain them in details.

    Method 6: Reset to Fix Sync Error 800704CF of Windows Phone / Mobile / PC

    This is the last & alternative method. If you don’t find any way to fix this problem, I have no problem to suggest you to reset your device. If you are a windows phone or mobile user, Follow the instructions below –

    • Go to Settings > About.
    • Now tap on reset your phone.
    • Done.

    But don’t forget to backup your date before starting the process.

    If you are a windows PC user, You have to reset or refresh your PC differently. To know how, Read this article: How to Reset and Refresh Windows

    If you know any better solution to fix error 800704CF, You can share with us.