How to Fix Error 941 on Google Play Store

How to Fix Error 941 on Google Play Store

August 17, 2018 By alberto

    Play Store errors are most common for android users. Specially, During installing or updating any apps, You may encounter some unexpected error messages with some specific codes. Error 941 is one of them. Most of the time, Users face it when they try to update any specific apps. Kitkat and Lollipop or Marshmallow even beta released N users on HTC, LG or Samsung face it more frequently. Sometimes, It may appear during downloading / installing apps.

    screenshot error 941 play store

    How to Fix Play Store Error 941:

    Fixing it is not a big deal. A few steps are enough to repair it. Anyway, Here are the methods –

    1. Clear Cache and Data:

    This is the primary step to fix error 941. You can clear cache and data. Then try to update the app again. I hope, You will be successful. Anyway, To do it –

    • Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Find the app and tap on it.
    • Now tap on Clear Data. Then tap on Clear Cache.
    • Again, Do it for Google Play Store App. Before doing it, don’t forget to Force Stop it.

    clearing cache data android

    • Now, Close everything and try to update the app again. I hope, It will fix error 941 on your android phone.

    If it doesn’t work, You can follow next method.

    2. Using Different Network to Fix Error 941:

    In 99% times, First that play store can be fixed by following first method. Bu, If you still having the issue, I would like to try from different network. I mean, You can try from different Wi-Fi or cellular network. If you use VPN, Disable it and then try again. Hopefully, It will resolve the error 941.

    3. Reinstalling App:

    I found online that some users could resolved that problem by reinstalling the problematic app. But before doing it, I recommend you to backup your apk file. Because, In some cases, This error code 941 appears during installing app.

    4. Last Steps:

    Sometimes, Re-Adding Google account may fix google play store related errors. So, You can remove your account. Then, Clear cache of your phone. Then restart it and add the google account again. Then see if you are still facing the annoying error 941 again. If it still shows it, You can reset your phone to get resolved the issue. But remember, If it is a problem (bug) with your android version, Resetting won’t solve error 941. In that case, You can Check for update for new minor android updates. Like, I solved an issue by Updating my android 5.0 to 5.1.

    I hope, Above methods will be helpful to get rid of play store error code 941. If you know any better way, You can share with us.