How to Fix Error Code RH-01 in Play Store

How to Fix Error Code RH-01 in Play Store

October 8, 2018 By kirsten

    Various error codes may appear in google play store while installing or updating any apps. Android users may face them anytime. “Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]” is another play store error that can ruin your day. Normally, Error RH-o1 may appear temporarily. But if it occurs repeatedly for a specific app, It will be a big problem. So, You should know how you can repair this problem in your android phone or tab.

    Error RH-01:

    This error frequently occur when you are in cellular network instead of Wi-Fi connection. When you try to install or update any apps, It may become failed and shows you a popup dialogue box where you will see the error name. You may become confused and think that this problem is related to the play store server. But it is related to your device.

    Steps to Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server Error RH-01:

    I don’t know which things can cause this play store error while installing or updating app. But i can give you some basic instructions which may help you to fix error rh 01. Keep in mind, I never can guarantee that the methods will work 100%. Normally a simple restart fixes the error. If restart doesn’t help, Follow these best methods –

    Method 1: Check Date and Time

    If your device time and date is not correct, You may face this error. So, Correcting these things may fix error rh-01.  To do it –

    • Go to Settings>Date and Time
    • Now, Set the time to automatic
    • If it was automatic but time was wrong, Correct the time manually
    • Now, Restart your phone and see if it fixes the problem

    Method 2: Clear Cache and Data

    Clearing cache and data of Google Play Store and Services is a common solution for any app installation or updating error of android. So, You can try it to fix error code RH-01.

    • Go to Settings > Apps
    • Tap on Google Play Store
    • Now Tap on Force stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data
    • Do the same thing for Google Play Services
    • Restart your phone and see the error code has gone way

    Method 3: Re-Add Google Account

    Sometimes, First 2 methods may not work. In that case, You can remove and add your google account again to fix error code rh-o1 in google play store. Many users could resolve this error by following this method. Here are the instructions –

    • Go to Settings > Account & Sync
    • Tap on Google
    • Tap on three dot with your gmail account
    • Now tap on Remove

    remove-google-account-screnshoot HD

    • Now, Restart your Phone
    • Again go to Settings > Account & Sync > Google
    • Tap on plus sign and add your account
    • After adding account, Try to install or update your desired app and see if that error still exists

    Method 4: Reset App Preferences to Fix RH-01 Error

    Most of the time, You won’t need this 4th method. But, It is so helpful. A few users reported that it fixed their problem. So, I would like to recommend you to reset app preferences to fix rh-01 error. To do it –

    • Navigate to Settings > App
    • Now tap on 3 dots and select Reset app preferences

    resetting app preferences on android

    • Now, Restart your phone and check if the problem has been fixed.

    Alternative Way:

    Alternatively, You can reset your device. It can fix your problem. But before that, Try to download app from different wi-fi or cellular network and see if that works. Again, Recent google play store update can cause error rh-01. So, You can navigate to Settings > App > Google Play Store and tap on uninstall update. If it doesn’t fix the problem, You can reset your android device.