Fix Windows Explorer Crashes After Right Click Problem

Fix Windows Explorer Crashes After Right Click Problem

October 14, 2018 By kirsten

    If you are using windows 10, You may notice a weird problem. File explorer may crash after right clicking. This is not actually a new issue. In windows 8 or 7, It was a common problem for some users. But, In windows 10, This problem has been very annoying for many users. To fix windows explorer crashes after right click issue, This article can be helpful for you.

    how to fix right click crashing windows explorer issue

    Normally, This problem is seen more frequently in latest windows. Because, Third-party programs’ items on context menu may cause problem in file explorer. In most cases, The incompatible third-party programs are responsible for this. Most of the programs that ran in your previous windows may not be compatible with the latest windows version. That’s why explorer crashes on right clicking issue occurs more in latest operating systems like windows 10. There are some other things that can create this type of problems. Corrupted system files, excessive amount of programs installed in windows, excessive amount of third-party items in context menu, corrupted registries etc. are some of them. But, It is not a big deal to resolve explorer.exe crashing on right click problem.

    How to Fix Windows Explorer Crashes After Right Click Problem:

    I have found four excellent methods to get rid of this explorer crashing for right click issue. Here are they-

    1. Disable Third-Party Items from Context Menu:

    In 99% cases, Poor and incompatible third-party items of context menu cause problem with explorer.exe when you click on right button of mouse or touchpad. In that case, Disabling these items can fix windows explorer crashes after right click issue. Here are the full instructions.

    • At first, Download ShellExView and install / open it in your PC.
    • Now, You should see a long lists of shell extensions. Click on the Options from the menu and choose Filter by Extension Type and choose Context Menu.
    • It will highlight the context menu items. Just select all of them, right click on them and choose Disable selected items.
    • Restart your PC.
    • It should fix right click crashing windows explorer problem.

    2. Fix Registry Issues

    Well, This is another method to resolve explorer crashing for right click issue. In case, First method fails, You can try it. Here are the steps to follow.

    • Download and install any well registry fixer tools.
    • You should backup registry before going ahead.
    • Open the registry fixer, scan for problems and fix it.
    • Now, Restart your PC and see if it fixes right clicking and problematic context menu items crashes windows explorer issue.

    3. Uninstall Recently Added Third-Party Programs:

    Sometimes, This type of problems may start appearing right after installing any specific programs in your PC. If it’s true for you, Uninstalling that program will be right to resolve the problem you are facing. If you are not sure which one is the culprit, Just perform clean boot. You may find everything is correct in clean boot state. In that case, Enable services and startup items one by one and see which one is causing conflicts in context menu or with right click and file explorer. Then, Remove the culprit program from your PC. Hopefully, It will help to fix file explorer crashing issue after right click problem.

    4. Run chkdsk Command:

    In some cases, Problems with disk drives can be a reason behind right click windows explorer crash problem. In that case, Running chkdsk command can help.

    • Just open Command Prompt as administrator. You can press Win + X from keyboard and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now, Run the following command.

    CHKDSK C: /R

    • Hopefully, It will resolves file explorer crashes after right click problem.

    5. Repair Corrupted System Files:

    This is the final method we can follow. If repairing registries and disabling third-party items from context menu doesn’t resolve right click crashes explorer.exe problem, Repairing system files can help. Read: Ways to Repair Corrupted System Files. There, I’ve explained all necessary instructions.

    Hopefully, These tips will be helpful to troubleshoot windows explorer crashes after right click problem. If everything fails, You may consider re-installing or resetting windows.