Resolve Facebook Search Bar not Popping Up Results / Suggestions Properly

Resolve Facebook Search Bar not Popping Up Results / Suggestions Properly

June 26, 2019 By alberto

    Facebook search is an excellent thing for its users. When you type anything in search bar, It will pop up live suggestions automatically so that you can get your expected results more quickly. But, Sometimes, It may not work correctly as everyone expects. Though it has some reasons. In this article, I’ll try to explain how you can fix facebook search bar not popping up results properly.

    When you type anything like a friend’s name in search bar, It may show your friends name along with his / her profile picture. Sometimes, It may not pop up anything or only show you the texts without profile pictures or images. It may make you unhappy as it looks weird.

    Normally, This problem may appear in any specific browser. It is because of some third-party extensions or addons. Sometimes, You may experience same problem in your facebook mobile app. In that case, The reason can be corrupted cache. But, If you encounter search bar not working correctly in any browsers / apps of any devices, It may have a different reasons. However, You will know about the ways to get rid of this issue.

    Resolve Facebook Search Bar not Popping Up Suggestions:

    Knowing the reasons can make it easier to fix this issue. Anyway, Here are the methods, You will need to follow to fix this problem.

    1. Change Language Settings:

    Recently, Many peoples encountered this facebook search problem for modifying language settings. Personally, My default language was English (UK). I changed it to English (US). After that my facebook search bar was not popping up any results / suggestions automatically. At first, I could not understand why it was happening. At last, I figured out the reason. I changed back to English (UK) and it resolve facebook search bar not popping up suggestions problem. Here are the instructions to change language settings.

    • Go to Settings > Language.
    • Now, Choose English (UK) (Your previous language) from Which language do you want to use Facebook in? option.

    2. Clear Browser / Facebook App Cache:

    Sometimes, Clearing cache can solve this types of problems. If you encounter in your browser, Just clear cached files and images. To do it –

    • Simply, Press CTRL + Shift + Del from keyboard.
    • Then, Only check Cache option.
    • Click OK.

    If you are having problem in facebook app, Then clear its cache. To do it –

    • Tap on three lines button.
    • Go to App Settings.
    • Tap on clear your phone’s browsing data.

    You also can go to Settings of your android phone. Then go to Apps. Find Facebook. Then tap on Clear Cache.

    I hope, It will fix facebook search not popping up results / suggestions problem.

    3. Disable Extensions or Addons:

    Okay, Sometimes third-party extensions may cause conflicts with some scripts of facebook. Specially, The ad blockers may block some scripts which cause not popup results or suggestions in facebook search bar. The only way to determine this problem is browsing facebook in incognito / private mode. If you see facebook search is working normally in private mode, There is definately one or more browser extensions which is are causing your problem. In that case, I recommend you to disable all extensions and then activate one by one to find out which one is causing problem.

    I hope, These troubleshooting steps will be helpful to solve facebook search bar not popping up results or suggestions automatically problem.