Fix Failed to load SteamUI.dll, Missing or Not Found Error

Fix Failed to load SteamUI.dll, Missing or Not Found Error

November 5, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Like other Windows programs, the steam client may show you DLL file related errors when you try to launch it. In this post, You will know how to fix failed to load steamui.dll, or this dll missing, corrupted or not found error.

    Steam Failed to load SteamUI.dll

    Steam is the most popular platform for PC gamers. Users never expect to encounter any problem with it. We know DLL file missing, not found or corrupted problem is widespread in Windows. Unfortunately, Steam client program sometimes show errors related to DLL file. Especially, steamui.dll related errors are pretty common. It is a good thing that you can solve these errors by following a few steps. By the way, Let’s know a bit more about this problem. When you encounter the error, you may see three types of error messages.

    Steam – Fatal error
    Failed to load steamui.dll


    This application failed to start because steamui.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.


    The file steamui.dll is missing.

    What error message you will see depends on how you are facing the problem. Fortunately, There is a standard solution for these errors.

    Fix Failed to load steamui.dll – Steam Fatal Error

    In fact, steamui.dll errors are not that much similar to other .dll file related problem. So, The solution is a bit different. There are a few methods to fix this problem. Here are-

    safe mode networking system configuration

    Method 1: Safe Mode with Networking

    Before trying other ways, I suggest you to boot into safe mode with networking. Then, Try to run steam and update it. Here are the instructions:

    • First of all, Open the Start Menu, type msconfig and click on System Configuration.
    • Now, Go to Boot tab.
    • Then, Check Safe Mood and mark Network.
    • Click on OK and restart your PC. Your PC will boot into safe mode.
    • Now, Open steam and update it.
    • After that, Boot into normal mode by undoing the changes in System Configuration window.

    Hopefully, It will fix failed to load steamui.dll.

    Method 2: Delete SteamUI.dll and libswscale-3.dll

    It is another way to get rid of this problem. At first, You will need to go to the location where you have installed steam. The location is usually C:\Program Files\Steam. However, The location can be different. If you don’t know it, you can follow these instructions:

    • At first, Open Start Menu, search for steam, right click on it and choose “Open File Location.”
    • Now, You will see the steam shortcut in a new window. Right click on it and choose “Open file location.” It will lead you to the location where you have installed steam.
    • From there, find and delete steamui.dll and libswscale-3.dll.
    • Now, Launch steam.

    Hopefully, It will fix failed to load steamui.dll.

    You also can go to the package folder of steam and delete the beta file if the above things don’t work.

    Method 3: Reinstall Steam

    If above tips don’t resolve the problem, you can take backup of all games manually and then re-install the steam client. You can find all steam games on this folder: Steam\steamapps\common. However, After that, Restore the backup. Hopefully, It will fix the problem.

    steamui.dll missing windows

    Fix SteamUI.dll Missing or Not Found

    Method three from the above will work for this case too. But, There are also some other things you can do.

    Method 1: Restore from Recycle Bin

    Usually, Steam automatically replaces steamui.dll if it goes missing. But, If you encounter the error that saying this dll file is missing, maybe you have deleted it. So, You can find it on Recycle Bin or anywhere else and restore. Hopefully, It will fix the problem.

    Method 2: Get SteamUI.dll from Another PC

    You may copy this dll file from anywhere else maybe from your friend’s PC. Then, Paste it to the steam folder on your computer. Then, Launch steam client. Hopefully, It will fix steamui.dll missing or not found the problem.

    If these two things don’t work, you can re-install steam by taking backup of your games.

    These are the most working methods to fix this problem. Hope these will help you.