Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life Issues: How to Fix Them

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life Issues: How to Fix Them

September 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Most of the Android lovers tend to buy Samsung. Its awesome design, easier OS, Games and apps availability made many people fall in love with it.  Last year countless users of Galaxy S6 complained about its less battery life. So, Samsung made an effort to remove this complain by releasing Samsung Galaxy S7 with 3,000 mAh and S7 edge with 3,600 mAh battery power. While Galaxy S6 has 2650 mAh and iPhone has 2750 battery. But still there are battery life issues that people are encountering with Galaxy S7. Today I will discuss about its battery drains and how to fix them.

    How to Fix Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 edge Battery Life Issues:

    Actually, some of Galaxy S7 users complained they have to charge their phone multiple times a day to run through. So, the hype of this phone’s lightning quick camera, gorgeous sleek design and water resistant features are not going to force you to buy this smartphone for yourself. However, you have already bought a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 edge. So, you are maybe looking for the tips to fix battery drain issues. Here I will discuss about fixing methods. Let’s take a look into them.

    1. Turn Off Apps That Eats Away Your Battery Life:

    The battery can’t meet to its expectations because of third party applications. Actually they can drain your battery’s life more than anything. You should check on the third party applications of your phone to fix GS7’s battery drains.

    • Head to Settings and Tap on Battery.
    • Now, under the battery Usage if you see some apps which are draining batter’s power then Uninstall them or Force Stop them.
    1. Disable Briefing:

    Samsung S7 and S7 edge has come with an app called Briefing of the box. Swiping left on the Home Screen you will see an app which stores all the apps in a place. So, it get very handy to operate all the apps from a place. Even it sounds good, but it is quite dire. Along with briefing everything in a place, it drains your phone’s battery.  So, you can disable this feature to avoid battery drains.

    • Long-tap on your home screen’s blank spot.
    • Swipe over to left. It will take you to Briefing.
    • Now, Turn it Off.
    1. Restart Phone:

    After pulling out from charge the phone is dropping battery percentage randomly? Maybe some unwanted apps, GPS or Wi-Fi is running in the background. The simple trick of restarting your phone can solve the battery draining issue in a quick fix. Else, sometimes when your phone gets very hot, lagging or working slowly then you should try a quick reboot.

    1. Reduce Screen Brightness & Sleep Time:

    A big display of 5.1 to 5.5 Quad HD screen may cause battery’s low life while you watch videos or play games. So, you may want to adjust brightness settings. Swipe down from above to open pulldown bar. You will see a brightness icon. Adjust the settings to 30 to 40%. It will not only save your battery’s life but also your eyes will thank you for this.

    A long Screen Timeout duration keeps the phone awake for long time.  Many Handsets are set by default 1 minutes. But you can change it to 30 seconds to keep phone up to charge for long time.  So, next time if you forget to lock down screen power, it won’t harm you much.

    1. Black Display On the Phone:

    Well, a light high contrasted wallpaper is much liable for battery’s draining. According to Samsung’s AMOLED displays consume power the darker wallpaper delivers a longer life of battery. So, make dark shaded wallpaper on your display. To do this long press on your Phone’s Home Screen then select Wallpapers and choose a dark wallpaper for your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

    1. Turn Off GPS:

    Turning off GPS or Location service not only saves your phone’s life but also establish your privacy. You don’t need GPS unless you are navigating or using any other apps that require it. It’s super easy to turn it off. Go to Settings>Location. Now, toggle it to Off.

    1. Disable Wi-fi, Bluetooth & Data:

    Do you have a habit of keeping everything on even you not using? Then this can be a major issue for your Samsung Galaxy’s battery drains. Well, leaving on all the communications features like Bluetooth, wi-Fi or cellular Data connection is not a necessary thing. So, keep turn off all those unless you need to use them.

    If none of these tips work for your phone, you can try Factory Reset. Else, if you have installed Facebook app on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge then you can uninstall Facebook app. You can also turn on Airplane Mode to prevent battery life issues. If you know any other additional tips you are free to share with us in the comment box below.