How to Fix Gmail Marks Important Mails as Spam Issue

How to Fix Gmail Marks Important Mails as Spam Issue

October 16, 2018 By alberto

    There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a Gmail account. Specially, an android phone user must need a Gmail account to run the Android OS completely. However, you get many important personal and professional emails through your account. But, What if your important mails are being sent to Spam folder for the unknown reason? Well, this can be really a mess as you are not getting information on your inbox for those important emails as well as WordPress related. Yes, actually the bigger mess is when Gmail consider all those important emails as spam including your blog creation WordPress emails and those comments on your blog site. I know you really don’t want to fix this issue. Today, I will guide you through how to fix Gmail sending important mails to the spam folder.

    Fix Gmail Automatically Send Important Mails to Spam Folder:

    Gmail knows which mails are needed to show in your inbox. You will be shown the neat and clean mails in your inbox so that you don’t need to deal with those junks and spamming mails. You rarely visit spam folder. But, Gmail sends all the suspicious emails to the spam folder automatically. It is a chaos matter to deal with this problem when you don’t find your important and WordPress emails in your Gmail inbox. You can submit this problem on Google forum and get fixes from Google experts. Those fixes aren’t much profitable to fix. Therefore, some users successfully fix it and some goes astray to fix.

    There are several methods to fix Gmail sending important Mails to the spam folder. You can try them and see which works best for you. The best method you can try is to create a filter in your account. By the way, let’s get to the point of today’s article and know the best methods to fix this issue.

    1. Mark Important Mails as Not Spam:

    When you see one of an important email in the spam folder then Open or Select the email and Select Not Spam from the top. So, Gmail will remember your decision. That mail will be moved to the inbox and primarily all the future mails from that Id or domain will always be shown in your inbox. If Gmail repeatedly does the same mistake of sending that mail as spam then repeat the process more times. It will teach Gmail that the mail is important and shouldn’t be sent to spam folder.

    1. Add IDs or Domains to Contact List:

    If still that mail is filtering in the spam folder you can add that email id to the contact list or white list. It will let Gmail know that the mail account is genuine. So, you will receive them right away in the inbox.

    To add Email IDs and domain’s name to the contact list follow the below process.

    • Open to Gmail and Select the Gmail logo from the Left-Upper side.
    • Head over to “Contacts”.
    • Now, you will see a new tab including all your added contacts.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find Add New Contact button. Click on that button.
    • Now, Enter the desired contact IDs as well as WordPress related email accounts or domain name. If you want you can fill other information fields.
    • Tap on Save and you’re ready to get future emails from that account in your inbox not in the spam folder.
    1. Filters for Important Email IDs and Domains:

    Is Gmail still sending your important emails to the spam folder? Well, this can be much suffering. If the previous methods didn’t work for you then you can create filters for Email IDs and specific domains.

    Create Filters for Email IDs:

    • Click on the smalldrop downthe menu in the search bar from Gmail.
    • Enter the email ID in the “From” field which you don’t want to see inspamfolder.
    • SelectCreate filter with this search” link from the bottom right corner.
    • Now, Click onNever send it to Spam” and select “Create Filter” button.
    • Now, you’ll never find that email account in the spam folder.

    Create Filters for Domain Account:

    Do you have your own blog site? Or you may are included in a few sites which you are following or subscribed. So, the mails from those sites are really important. What if Gmail is taking those emails as suspicious mails and sending them to spam folder instead of Inbox? You really want to fix it, right?

    Well, as like email IDs, you can create filters for a domain name. The process is not that much hard you thought. Let’s know it.

    • Click on the drop down button from the Gmail search bar.
    • In the “From” field enter the desired domain name like and select “Create filter with this search” link from the right bottom corner of the drop-down box.
    • Select “Never send it to Spam” and click on “Create Filter” button.

    After making the changes Gmail will henceforth not sent your important mails to the spam folder.


    In upcoming days your important emails numbers may increase. So, don’t rely on Gmail very much. Make sure you are checking your spam folder after a few days. So, you will be able to know if any important mails are being sent to spam folder.