Fix Google Chrome Broken Image Issue

Fix Google Chrome Broken Image Issue

August 30, 2018 By alberto

    After the recent update of Google Chrome, Many users are having a problem with it. Slowing down, Crash are common problems. But a new problem has appeared. That is google chrome broken image issue. Sometimes chrome may not load one or more than one images of a website properly. Especially, After the recent update, Many chrome users are facing broken image issue in Facebook. In this article, You will know some possible solution to this issue.

    chrome broken image facebook

    How to Fix Google Chrome Broken Image Issue:

    You can fix this problem by following the methods below.

    Method 1: Disabling Extension

    Sometimes extension may occur chrome broken image issue. So when you face broken image issue in google chrome, then browse that website in Incognito mode. If you see you aren’t seeing any broken images in private mode, then you can be sure some or one of your extensions is causing Chrome broken image issue. So disable all extensions. And find which is responsible for broken image issue by activating one by one.

    Method 2: Turning On JavaScript

    You should make sure JavaScript is enabled in your Google Chrome. Disabled JavaScript is also responsible for broken image issue. To check it-

    • Go to Setting.
    • Click on Show advanced settings.
    • Click on Content settings.
    • Now check Allow all sites to run JavaScript (Recommended).

    enbale js to fix chrome broken image issue

    • Then click on Done.

    Method 3: Clearing Cache & Cookies

    If you are facing broken image issue for corrupted cache or cookies, Clearing cache & Cookies may fix chrome broken image issue. To do it –

    • Go to Setting > History. Or you can go to directly chrome://history/ by your address bar.
    • Now click on Clear browsing data.
    • Then check the following options – Cookies and other site and plugin data, Cached images and files.
    • Then click on Clear browsing data.

    Method 4: Resetting Chrome

    Resetting Google Chrome also work sometimes. You also can try this method, If you want. To do it-

    • Go to Setting. Or directly go to chrome://settings/.
    • Click on Show advanced settings.
    • Then click on Reset settings.
    • Now click on Reset.

    Method 5: Deleting Default Folder

    This not only works for chrome broken image issue but also work for any google chrome related bugs. Read the last part (best solution….) of this article: Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem

    Method 6: Checking Ping Status

    Sometimes, Chrome broken image issue may be occurred for your week internet connection. So you have to test ping and see if there is any data loss. To do it-

    • Press Windows Logo Key + R from your keyboard.
    • Type cmd and press Enter.
    • Then type a command like ping -t and press Enter. Replace with any web address. Don’t type any web address with HTTP:// or https://.
    • After that, You will see something processing in your command prompt. If you see any thing like ‘Request timed out’ frequently, Then you can be sure that there is something wrong with your internet connection. Fix it as soon as possible. For additional help, you should contact with your ISP.

    For the additional solutions, You can visit Google Support Page.