How To Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem

October 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. Smooth performance and user suitable interface have lead it to the top. But sometimes it makes us disappointed by worst performance. Some error like Unresponsive page, kill page or kill pages are very familiar error in google chrome. It’s like nightmare for chrome users. But there are some solutions to get rid of this error. Now I’ll discuss how to fix this issue in google chrome.

    fix google chrome kill pages

    Reasons Behind Unresponsive Page / Kill Pages Problem:

    There are several reasons. But these two are major.

    • Slow internet connection or website script problem can cause this issue. Some website may have excessive java scripts and ads. Most of the time users face kill pages when they try to visit these websites with slow internet connection.
    • When your CPU and RAM usage become high, Your browser may stop and show you the error message. In that case, Any of your programs or services is the culprit. It happens when a PC has excessive unnecessary programs installed.

    How To Avoid Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem:

    First of all we need know how to avoid this unexpected problem. So lets know

    1. Always use a high rated good antivirus which can heal malware very well.

    2. Don’t use low rated plugins and extensions. If it is possible, try to avoid usage of extra plugins and extensions.

    3. Clear your browser cache weekly. If you have no problem, You can delete history, cookies and data monthly.

    4. Regular use disk cleanup and disk defragment.

    5. Remove unnecessary programs and services.

    6. Don’t open so many tabs in chrome.

    7. Always try keep empty this folder C:\Windows\Temp.

    I hope if you follow these steps given above, you will have less chance to face google chrome kill pages problem, smooth scrolling problem etc.

    How To Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem:

    Okay. If you are already victim of google chrome kill pages problem, you need to follow some steps to fix kill pages problem.

    1. Clear your browser cookies and cache.

    2. Clear your history.

    3. Scan whole computer with a good antivirus and heal malware, spyware etc.

    4. Clean your Local Disk C with disk clean up. If you want 3rd party cleaner, you can use cc cleaner. I’m also using it.

    5. Defragment your fragmented drive.

    I hope, it will fix chrome kill pages problem. But there are other great ways to fix kill pages problem.

    google chrome kill pages aw,snap

    No Sandbox Method (Unsecured):

    One of the most popular fixes for kill pages or aw snap / page unresponsive problem is no sandbox method. I never recommend it. Because, It may weaken the chrome browser security. Anyway, Here is how to do it –

    • You should have the chrome shortcut in your desktop area.
    • Now, Right click on it and go to Properties.
    • Click on Shortcut tab. It should be opened by default.

    chrome no sandbox method

    • Now, In target box, Type –no-sandbox after chrome.exe”. But never forget to give space after chrome.exe”.
    • Anyway, after typing it, The target path should be like that following line.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" –no-sandbox
    • Now, Click on Apply and OK.
    • Then open chrome. It should fix the problem.

    Disabling Third-Party Cookies:

    This is another method that peoples are trying to fix kill pages problem of chrome. To do it –

    • In your browser address bar, Type chrome://settings/content and press Enter.
    • Now, You will see a new page. There check Block third-party cookies and site data.
    • Done.

    But it is not a good solution. Because, It may harm your web surfing experience.

    Modifying Power Plan to Solve Kill Pages Error:

    If you are a laptop / notebook or tablet PC user, You may face this problem for power plan setting. If you set it to low performance, You may experience it. In that case set it to High Performance. To do it,

    • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.
    • Select High performance.

    But, These are not perfect solution. So, Follow the best solution to fix this issue.

    Best solution to Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages:

    • Go to RUN by pressing windows logo+R on your keyboard.
    • Paste this line %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and press enter.
    • You will see a folder named Default.
    • Rename that folder as Backup Default.
    • Now Run Google Chrome.

    See google chrome kill pages problem is solved.

    It may fix your problem temporarily. In my another article: Fix Aw Snap Page Crashes i explained some other methods which can help you to get rid of this problem too. So, I highly recommend u to read that article.

    If it doesn’t work, please reinstall google chrome. If you still experience kill pages error, You should try to remember is it happening after latest update of chrome? If yes, Try to install an older version of this browser. If that doesn’t work, please check other browsers’ performance. If these are also worst, that is your windows problem. Try to re-install your windows.

    Hopefully, all of the methods above will help you to fix google chrome kill pages problem.