Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go

Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go

September 7, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Pokemon Go is being more popular day by day. After being released, This game won millions of smartphone gamers’ heart. Unfortunately, It is not available in all regions till now. But, Many peoples are downloading apk and installing it manually. There is no doubt that this is an extra ordinary game. But you may face some troubles while playing pokemon go. GPS signal not found error is one of them. It also can appear as “Failed to detect location” error. This annoying problem may appear temporarily. But sometimes it may act as a permanent error which can harm your enjoyment. In this article, I’ll try to introduce the causes of this error and the ways to resolve it.

    Screenshot GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go

    How to Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go:

    When you are at home, You may face the error due to not enough gps signal availability. That time, You should go outside and see if that fixes the problem. If you encounter the issue in outside too, It may be a serious problem.

    Reasons Behind this Error:

    GPS Signal can’t be found for several reasons. Most common reason is weak GPS device in your phone. That’s why, Most of the time, Old smartphone users face it. Another possible reason is wrong configuration. But, It may have other reasons like it can be a problem of Niantic’s servers.

    Ways to Fix GPS Signal not Found in Pokemon Go:

    First of all you should be sure that location service is turned on. Then follow these methods –

    Method 1: Turn Off Power Saving Mode

    When you are in power saving mode, Your phone uses less resource. So, You will have poor performance from it. It limits some sensors’ activity like GPS. That’s why, Turn power / battery saving mode off and restart the Pokemon Go game. If you have low battery life, Try to charge your phone battery. It will solve the problem.

    Method 2: Turn on Wi-Fi

    In your home or outside, If you see that Pokemon Go game is showing GPS signal not found error, Try to turn your Wi-Fi on even there is no wifi zone. Thousands of users found it helpful. So, I hope it will also work for you. To turn Wi-Fi on –

    • iPhone / iPad users swipe up from the bottom screen and tap on Wi-Fi symbol. Android users can swipe down from the top and tap on WiFi symbol in order to turn it on while playing pokemon go.
    • After doing it, iOS users swipe down and android users swipe up to get back to game.

    Method 3: Set Location Mode at High Accuracy to Fix GPS Signal not Found in Pokemon Go

    This is for android users. Sometimes, You may face this problem, Even if you have location on in your brand new smartphone. In that case, This trick should help you. Setting location mode at high accuracy not only fixes pokemon go gps problem but also help other apps in your phone. To do it –

    setting location as high accuracy android

    • Navigate to Settings > Location
    • Make sure location is turned on. Then tap on Mode.
    • Select High accuracy instead of battery saving or device only.

    After doing it, Open Pokemon Go and see what happens.

    Method 4: Restart your Phone

    If none of these tricks work, Just restart your mobile. It should work. If not, It may be an issue of pokemon go game server. Just try again after a few minutes. Then you should not encounter any error.

    I’m not saying these are 100% working methods. But, These can be helpful to fix GPS signal not found in Pokemon Go. If you have any other good solution, You can share it by comment.