How to Fix Invalid Process Attach Attempt

How to Fix Invalid Process Attach Attempt

September 2, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows users may face any blue screen of death error anytime. Invalid Process Attach Attempt is one of them. This is an old BSOD that windows XP to 10 anyone may encounter this error. This is very common and old issue. It can be fixed by following some methods. But before that we will know details about it.


    • This BSOD may come with error code 0x00000005. This error may appear with the following error name –
    “STOP: 0x00000005”
    • You may see that your PC suddenly restart and boot up again. Then you may see the following message Problem Event Name: BlueScreen BCCode: 5
    • When you try to run some specific programs, System may crash.
    • PC will slowly response against your mouse & keyboard inputs.
    • PC may freeze frequently on any stage.

    Reasons Behind this BSOD:

    Invalid Process Attach Attempt caused by several things. But there are three major reasons –

    • Damaged or faulty hardwares & drivers.
    • Corrupted or incompatible programs.
    • Corrupted system files.

    How to Fix Invalid Process Attach Attempt:

    Normally, A system restart can solve this issue. But, If you want to repair this error permanently, You have to follow these methods –

    Method 1: Update or Rollback Device Drivers

    Updating drivers can solve your problem. Specially, You must update or rollback your mouse and touchpad drivers. Let’s know how to do it –

    • At first press Windows Flag Key + R from keyboard to open RUN.
    • Now type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. It will open device manager.

    device manager mice

    • Now you can expend anything from the list and double click on the driver name to open its properties. We will update or rollback mouse and touch pad. So will will expend Mice and other pointing devices.
    • Then double click on driver name. It will open that driver’s properties.
    • Click on Driver tab.

    touchpad driver properties

    • Now click on Update Driver to update that driver. You also can roll back by clicking on Roll Back Driver.

    If you face error INVALID_PROCESS_ATTACH_ATTEMPT after recent update of your drivers, You should roll back it.

    Method 2: Update Windows and Everything

    Update your windows to latest version. Because, Windows update fixes many bugs of it. You should also keep up to date your third-party softwares. If you are running windows XP, You must have this update:

    Method 3: Removing Antivirus and Security Programs

    Invalid Process Attach Attempt blue screen of death may be caused by antivirus or security softwares. Personally, I faced BSOD for AVG antivirus. I also found on Microsoft website that removing AVG can fix this problem. Nor only this one, Norton, kasperskyor any security software can cause this problem. So, You can disable it and check if it solve the problem. Then remove it permanently.

    Method 4: Uninstall Recently Installed Programs to Fix Invalid Process Attach Attempt

    There are many users, Who face this problem for thirdparty softwares. If you experience this invalid process error after installing one or some programs to your PC, I would like to recommend you to uninstall them completely from your PC. You should do it in safe mode. In windows 8 and windows 10, Safe mode is a different task. Know How to Boot into safe mode windows 10.

    Method 5: Repair Corrupted System Files

    Corrupted windows system files may cause this blue screen of death. So, You should repair it. To know how to do it, Read: Fix Corrupted System Files

    Last Method to Fix Invalid Process Attach Attempt:

    Last method is very common. If you are running windows 7 or earlier version of windows, Reinstall it completely. If you are running windows 10, 8 or 8.1, Then you can reset or refresh windows.

    These are the possible best method to fix Invalid Process Attach Attempt BSOD error. If you know any better one, You can share with us.