How to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Bluetooth Problem

How to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Bluetooth Problem

September 29, 2018 By alberto

    Apple is one of the best brands of smartphones out there, with them recently releasing the iPhone 7 this year. With the advanced features and sleek design, it’s become one of the most popular and favorite. But of course, despite the advanced technology put into it, they do suffer from some issues. Whether you have the newest iPhone or its predecessors, you may have encountered a few problems with it as well. One of the more common problems would be your iPhone not connecting to its Bluetooth! Many people end up suffering from this issue, and it can be very infuriating, especially if you are one who needs to use the Bluetooth connectivity to send and receive files. So how can you be able to solve it without having to take it to the Apple Center? Luckily, there are ways on how to solve the iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth problem.

    How to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Bluetooth Problem

    Like mentioned, here are different methods on how you can solve the Bluetooth connectivity problem of your iPhone. These are very easy to do and will only take a few minutes or so. Plus, they don’t cost a cent! Here are the following methods you can try:

    Method #1: Disconnect and reconnect the device you paired with.

    – Go to Settings > Bluetooth

    – Disconnect the device you paired with on your iPhone by clicking the little i icon beside the paired device and selecting “Disconnect”

    Method #2: Turn Bluetooth on and off by either going to the Control Center (Swipe Up), or go to Settings > Bluetooth

    Method #3: Hard Reset

    – Hold the Sleep and Home button for about 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Once it is reset, it will automatically turn on. Test your Bluetooth once the reset is done.

    Method #4: Update your device if not on its latest iOS

    – Go to Settings > General Software Update

    – Choose to install the latest update and input your passcode if needed.

    – Agree to the terms and let the download begin. Once your iPhone is updated, check the Bluetooth connectivity.

    – Also, check the update found on iTunes as well by selecting your connected iPhone on iTunes and checking for updates.

    Method #5: Reset Your Network Settings

    – Go to Settings > General > Reset

    – Choose to Reset Network Settings, entering your passcode if needed.

    – Take note that once you reset your network settings, you will need to re-add all your Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks.

    Method #6: Contact Apple

    If push comes to shove, then you may need to contact Apple Support for advice. You also can choose to have it either replaced or repaired, if it is still under warranty. Else, You can have it checked by a technician, or to find more tips online.

    Hopefully, these methods have helped you solve your iPhone’s Bluetooth connectivity problems. Instead of wasting a ton of time, effort or even money trying to get it fixed, try following these methods and solve it yourself!